Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Dilemma - Sell or Not Sell

Our Hosta Bed  2011

Dear Readers,

This summer we went through a dilemma - should we sell the house and move into an apartment?  Don was getting tired of all the yard work and so was I.  I usually helped him mow the yard and in the fall would sometimes run around with the mower myself to pick up all the leaves.  Don's theory is leave them there until the end of the season.  My theory was pick them up a couple of times a week and get rid of them.  So, I just did it myself when the mood struck!

Our daughter was all in favor of our selling the house.  In fact, she even started sending me links via email of apartments in and around their city.   Well, we were not quite ready to move 40 miles away yet as we still enjoyed going out for dinner some evenings with good friends and also enjoyed Sunday morning breakfast with those same good friends.   We were not yet quite ready to give all that up.

We called in a real estate agent to tell us approximately what our house would be worth.   It was about $10,000 under what we were hoping for.  It seems the housing market has dropped about 10% in the last year.  And we are fortunate in that WI is not one of the states really hit hard by the slump in the housing market.  We are just slightly down.   Of course, the agent wanted the listing and said we should get in on the market this spring before prices fell anymore.  

A couple of days later,  Don came home and said the apartment next door to one of the guys he worked with (a part-time job driving courtesy car for a local car dealership) was vacant.  Would we like to look at it?  Rent would be at the top of the scale  we were willing to pay.

The house we live in is only just under 1,200 square feet - not very large, but more than enough for our small family. It does have 3 bedrooms, and we have a finished family room in the basement. Just an average house in an average neighborhood in our city.

Arrangements were made to see the apartment, a duplex type set up, ranch, one story, two bedroom, attached single car garage, and they would accept cats.  Just what we had in mind.  Sounds ideal - right? 

The apartment, while in a great neighborhood and lovey, had no room for our furniture.   The living room was broken up such that there was no wall for a full size sofa.  When I stood in the living room and tried to picture furniture placement, I finally decided that we'd have to get all new furniture because what we had was just too big.   There also was not much of an area to eat in the kitchen and no dining room.   That means no company in for dinner, which I still like to do now and then.   Also, no good place to put Mario's litter box - an important item.  The bathrooms were too small to accommodate a litter box.  There was no storage to speak of - just a small, walk-in closet in the kitchen.    The bedrooms were too small to hold a desk and computer for Don and a desk and computer for me.  (YIKES - try to operate with one computer between us - I don't think so!  I'm afraid our 53-year-old marriage would come to an end! he he )

I know we have to downsize and that doesn't bother me.   But I don't think either of us are ready for "tiny" yet.  We need our own space.  

Apartment living was not looking very favorable.   We even looked at a couple of duplexes, which would have given us more room.  But it also meant shoveling snow and mowing the grass.  Then what is the point of moving?

Mario's Twitter pals were most helpful in giving us ideas.  Wait until you hear what his friends came up with.

Sometimes it's easier to solve someone else's problems than it is to solve your own.

Until next time,



  1. I remember the apartment thought and subsequent beginning of the hunt to find one before making a committment. YOur home is larger than mine which is, as I mentioned, 1040 sq. ft. The arrangement of the one you described reminds me of mine in the dining/livingroom problems in that I have a combination room..dining and living, and it makes for a pain in the neck. Kitchen too small to eat in. BUT we adapt to what we have. :-)

  2. I can't wait to hear the solution. I'm glad you found one. Moving is always stressful. And who wants to leave a home they love if they don't have to?

  3. So much has to go into making such a decision. I wish you best and least troubling way in whichever one you make.


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