Thursday, October 6, 2011

Solution II - Help From The Most Amazing Places

Fall in beautiful Wisconsin

Dear Readers,

Having made the big decision to stay in our house led to another problem.   How to find help for some of the work around here.

Don used to do most of the handyman things himself - fixing things, minor plumbing problems, etc.  We started hiring things like that out about 10 years ago after he had a knee replacement.   We have a good list of resources available now for the handyman type of jobs, if needed.

But.... what to do about yard work (mowing, fall cleanup, and the inevitable moving snow around)?   We live in a neighborhood consisting of more retired folks than young families.    We have no neighborhood kids to hire. 

We were discussing our progress with our very good friends at breakfast one morning (2 couples whom we are good friends with,  have camped with,  gone on cruises with, and had breakfast once a week with for 30+ years).   I happened to mention we'd probably need help with some of the yard work: mowing, fall leaf cleanup, snow shoveling, etc.   My thought was to start calling ads in the local newspaper.

Well, to make a long story short, one of the couples called me later that day and asked if we'd be interested in hiring their 13-year-old grandson who was just starting to help with those types of things a home.   Prayers had been answered! We know the grandson, his sister and parents so well too because they are part of our camping group (we gave up camping last year because it was getting to hard for us).  Harrison and his sister were practically born on the campground with us.  (Not really, but they camped as babies still in diapers.)  A very lovely family.

What a blessing it has been to have Harrison's help (and his dad's help too).   There are times Don felt like mowing and there were times he didn't.   Harrison to the rescue!  I don't know what we would do without him, and Harrison is happy to have green papers to spend.  it's a win-win situation, and sure has helped us out. 

Just this past week, leaves began to fall off the trees.  We have 2 old, large trees in the back and one tree in the front.  Harrison just mowed them up last Friday for the first time - now the yard looks like this again, and it's only 6 days later.   By the way, the front yard barely has any leaves on it - that tree is waiting to shed after the backyard is thru.  Sometimes I think the trees talk to each other and plan this on purpose.
Leaf cleanup will extend probably into the first week in November unless snow arrives before then.  (Parish the thought!)

We are so very thankful for Harrison's and his dad's help.   They are a blessing to us. 

So, it looks like all our problems of how to manage the work are solved for this year.  Maybe Harrison will want the job next year too, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Don and I are so fortunate to have a wonderful support system of good friends that we can discuss things with and have some fun with.   Another blessing in our life. 

Now for some news:  I'm very excited to announce that I'll have two guest bloggers sometime in the next few weeks.  They both have experience with PD, but from a different perspective.   So stay tuned - both are Twitter friends.  But I'm keeping their names secret for now.

Thanks so much for visiting.   I do hope you'll come back again. 



  1. That is very good news Mary, I'm so happy you found an ideal solution (Katie)

  2. Mary, that is such good news. One of the reasons my peeps bought a condo was that Pop's back was so bad that he couldn't shovel snow anymore. The tenants kept promising to help but were never available. This besides the fact that they were given a rent break for helping out. BTW, the leaves are beautiful, despite being a pain.

  3. That is a gorgeous fall photo at the beginning of this post. We came by from your cat blog and read some of your posts. You have an interesting way of writing and a good sense of humor, which undoubtedly helps you deal with PD. And has made you lots of helpful friends. :)

  4. Love the photo it is just outstanding!
    So happy to hear that Harrison and his Dad will be able to take the yard care off of your hands and leave you worry free! That is great news and it is especially so wonderful that you have such good support around you. (Glad you made the decision to stay in the home your built!)

  5. I loved reading this even though I knew it fairly much- as the strides you and Don have made are wonderful. You are both thinking of things that will enhance your living in your home..I love it.

    The photo is gorgeous. You live in a outstandingly beautiful State. I hope to see more pictures here when you have the time and opportunity.

  6. Great news about Harrison!
    We are in the "same boat"...having to get help with those outside jobs!

  7. Great that you have help. I'm so glad to hear that it's someone you know and trust also. Super. Looking forward to your guest bloggers.


  8. Thank goodness for Harrison! We love reading how friends and others within our communities always manage to find a solution to our problems.
    (Theresa, aka @tildatoo)

  9. I am so glad you found a solution to your yard work problem. Other people in our lives are so important! It's so frustrating when you discover you are limited in what you can do because of illness or just age. Mommy and I think you and Don are ever so brave.

    MizzBassie and mom Magda.


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