Friday, February 3, 2012

Flat Mario on a Cruise to Alaska - Blog Hop

Flat Mario on an Alaskan Cruise
Dear Readers,

Last May 2011,  Don and I and our daughter and her husband took a cruise to Alaska.   At the time, Mario, our cat, had a Twitter friend visiting from Germany.  Lippi, a stuffed bear, was on a world tour of various Twitter animal friends.   When we found out about the cruise, we asked Lippi's human if maybe Lippi's schedule could be changed slightly so he could go on the cruise with us.  Fortunately it could be arranged and we ended up getting Lippi 3 days before leaving on the cruise.  Lippi was in Chicago at the time visiting @BusyButtons, and Buttons was gracious and sent him on to us early so he could go on the cruise.

Lippi had all kinds of adventures.   You might enjoy reading about them in Mario's blog at   This is the first of several posts, but you can go to the bottom of each post and click on "older post."    We had some great adventures with Lippi.

Now why did I talk about this now?   Because I've joined a Saturday Photo Hunt and the subject this week is "Flat."   Well, Flat Mario went on the cruise with us because the real Mario couldn't go.   Here's the link to the Photo Hunt:  

Would you believe Lippi is still on that world tour and is visiting, I believe, the State of Washington.   I hope Lippi writes a book because he really had some great adventures.   Shhh, don't tell anyone, but Kim and Ken taught him how to drink Beer and he had a couple of hang overs.  Silly bear.  

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  1. Flat Mario, I love it! Even when you travel, Mario is with you. Eddie Bear could be flat in purrson.

  2. Flat Mario... Puurrfect!
    See you next weekend at The Saturday PhotoHunt... show your ♥!

  3. Lippi is indeed a silly bear. ;-)

  4. I remember that and I remember Flat Mario going too. And those pictures. Almost as good as being there myself. xox

  5. Oh Mario
    What an adventure!


  6. Flat Mario...How fun! (Lucky cat and bear!)

  7. I would love to go on an Alaskan cruise! I'm glad you had a wonderful time, and how nice of you to bring Lippi and Flat Mario! Julie


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