Sunday, September 9, 2012

What A Night Aain!

Mary  & Don in Cannes, France
2008 on Italy Cruise Trip

Dear Friends,

Before I give you the latest update, I wanted to apologize to my faithful readers as I know some of you and some of Mario's faithful followers on Twitter have been worried about us not being around much.   I have  been giving most of my energy the past 2-3 weeks on advertising the #nipclub Monthly's latest DinoPawty on Twitter.   Because of a bad back, I can only sit at the computer for short periods of time or i really pay for it.  I especially feel bad that we haven't been around reading your wonderful blogs because we really do enjoy reading them.   I hope to rectify this in the coming weeks.   

If you read my last post a couple of weeks ago, you'll remember I had to play detective again with my meds.   I definitely know it was the Amantadine that was/is upsetting me stomach,.   I have been limping along with taking 1/2 the dose every day instead of the full 2 pills twice a day.   It's much better, but I'm still a little woozy.    I'm especially tired and woozy tonight because last night was a very "short night" at our house.  The sad part of this change in meds means that I do shake a little more than I should be when the Amantadine dose wears off.  I'll see the Neuro in October, so we'll see what he has to say about the situation.  Meanwhile I put myself back on the first blood pressure change of medication that my family doctor originally prescribed as that med is not the one making me dizzy and sick to my stomach.  I told my family doctor what I had done when I saw him Friday.  He said he was proud of me for taking  matters into my own hands and solving the problem.  Well, in my way of thinking, it was the logically thing to do.  Even the Neuro doctor said to stop the med if it was giving me trouble!

About 2:30 in the morning last night I awoke to someone yelling "Please let me in!"  This scared the daylights  out of me as we did have two of the bedroom windows open due to having such beautiful, cool weather the past few days.   I quickly looked out the bedroom window I was in to see if anyone was around.  No one in sight.   Then I thought of calling the police to have them check our house outside and inside with me!  But that meant getting dressed. UGH!  Okay - put on your "brave hat" and check the house yourself.  

After walking thru the upstairs (main floor) and finding the doors locked, I decided the basement should be checked just to be on the safe side even tho there is no access to the outside from the basement other than little skinny basement windows that would have to be broken to enter.   Now I was too chicken to go down there myself, so I woke Don up.   I convinced him to go to the basement for me.  he he - neither one of us would be capable of fighting off an intruder of any size if we were to ever find one!

Obviously Don did not find anyone in the basement either.   We are now thinking that Don must have been dreaming and shouted out loud what he was dreaming.   He has been known to talk in his sleep.  I'm comfortable with that theory - especially after turning on all  lights in the house and finding the doors still locked.  Meanwhile Mario was sitting under the kitchen table watching his two insane humans running around the house checking it out in the middle of the night.  That was one time I wished we would have had a dog to alert us with some woofing had the situation been real!   Mario was just sitting under the table calmly taking his Friday night bath!  What a guard cat we have!

I have also been having a few computer issues, which our wonderful son-in-law fixed tonight.  He spent about 2 hours with me on the phone while he worked remotely on my computer from his home.   What a life saver that special tool is that allows him to do things remotely on my computer.  It saves him at least an hour because of not having to drive to and from his home.

I think I have mentioned several times that it takes me so much longer now to accomplish anything - either mentally or physically.   There were some days in the past two weeks (while programming tweets in Tweet Deck to go off automatically for me) where my mind just went blank and I couldn't think of how to change the sentence around to make it different from others so TD and Twitter would accept it.  Is that a sign of just getting older or is it part of the PD. Who knows!

Well, it's  off to bed for me tonight.  I'm hoping for a good night of sleep with NO interruptions!  I'll try to get around to reading blogs this next week.  Thanks for being so understanding.



  1. That was a frightening night for the both of you. I glad there was no intruder.

    Mary, I know how it is with the meds. I don't do well at all with a new med. I hope you feel better soon and get the meds worked out. Some blood pressure meds have to be taken with food and I forget sometimes and pay the price.

  2. Maybe Mario was telling you there was nothing to worry about and to go back to bed. LOL

  3. I'm glad that you were safe and that your doors were locked. What a scare. You know I worry about you and am there to talk to if you're depressed. Having a writer's block only signifies you've been under a lot of stress which isn't good for the PD or anything. I know it's hard to relax when you're not feeling well and you're under deadlines cos TW can't do it either. Feel better. xoxo

  4. Hugs Mary,
    My heart goes out to you with your medication problems. You are so brave facing all the changes in your life and finding work arounds for them. Thank you for the "giggle" regarding Don's sleep talking. You should have known if Mario was calm then all was well in the house - trust your cat!
    Love and admire you!

  5. As JessieJaney said, you are very very brave and I feel priveleged to call you friend.

  6. Good detective work on the meds. A person can never be sure all the things prescribed are working for or against us. Glad you found an answer. Sorry you have to go through all this. I so pray and wish for cures for so many diseases.

    Scary night, wow! Happy that everything was okay.

  7. Mary
    I am sorry to hear you've been having challenges with your meds. My husband has also been having increased challenges with his Parkinsonism. The neurologist started him on Amantadine about a week ago. I wonder how that is going to affect him?? Guess we will see.
    Boy I am glad you did not find any reason for that loud noise. Perhaps it was a very realistic dream.
    Am keeping you and Don in my prayers.


  8. Glad to hear you're doing well and I LOVE the picture of you and Don!
    *giggle* And that'll teach hubby to talk in his sleep. Keep it up and you find yourself scouting the basement in the middle of the night! LOL!

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  10. I'm impressed that you were able to solve your medication problem! Thank goodness there wasn't an intruder, but I'm sorry that you had to go through that frightening experience. Julie

  11. Hi M! Glad to read that you're feeling a bit better. We know it must be very frustrating for you! Sending you lots of love ( & some coonhound hugs too)!
    (Theresa & Prudence)


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