Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Other Kind Of Dragon

Dear readers,

I think I mentioned in my last post that the program Dragon Naturally Speaking had arrived at our doorstep late last week.  I have spent 3 days playing with it, and i can honestly say I LOVE IT!   

In my opinion, it's a hard program to learn when you are old and technologically challenged.  But, it's getting easier each day.  Ha ha - those first 3 days were filled with my calling the Customer Service number probably at least 20 times, usually needing help with the blue tooth gizmo.   This is my first experience with a Blue Tooth - ya ya - I know we're behind the times here.  he he  - but at least I knew what a blue tooth was.  ha ha  

I have to say the customer service was wonderful, patient, and walked me through things step by step.   I do much better with learning via hands-on rather than reading.  

I'm especially happy that it will work on Twitter, which was my main reason for getting it - to keep in touch with the many friends I've met there and in the blog world.   

ha ha - I did learn the hard way tho that one has to be careful when one carries on a conversation within your own household while wearing the blue tooth.  Don and I had a conversation yesterday and Dragon transcribed the entire conversation and typed it on Twitter.   Fortunately, it was way way too long to send out, but I sure did have a lot of back spacing to do to erase all of it.

Probably the biggest challenge is to memorize all the commands one can use.   Presently, I use a combination of dictating to Dragon, but I then correct Dragon's mistakes or mistakes I've made.   Dragon and I are both trying to get used to each other.  ha ha - someone asked if I was going to call him Puff.  Actually, I think that's a good idea.   Once Puff and I get used to each other, life will be easier.

It's funny because in all my working years I used to do transcription of School Psychological Reports, and School Social Worker Reports.  All of a sudden I have to learn to dictate - which isn't easy.   You really need to pre-plan a little as to what you want to say before you start the paragraph.   Puff likes to be told punctuation, which you have to remember to toss in as you are dictating.   It will get easier as time goes on and I become more familiar with the program.  The other strange thing for me is writing something without typing it.  My brain has always automatically communicated with my fingers.   I never really gave much thought to what I was writing - it just seemed to flow out my fingers.   Now I have to think ahead.   I suspect this will become easier with use also.  

I'm sure a younger person could breeze through this without half the struggles I go through.   But, I'll get there - it just may take me longer.   Oh yes, the other downside is that it doesn't know cat talk.  So Mario has to tell me what he wants to say and then I have to tell Puff in human talk.   I could take the time to teach Puff some of Mario's special words, but that will take time also.

The entire program is rather amazing actually.   Now i wonder if Dragon can balance the checkbook for me and clean the refrigerator.



  1. I do believe that you and Puff will get along fine. That was funny, it recording your conversation and sending it to Twitter,

  2. Yay for Puff. Maybe Mario can have more twitter time now? Hmmm, maybe we should it. Then maybe I'll get more twitter time. MOL

  3. TW never used a Bluetooth either. She's so lazy, she'll prolly get the program so she can Tweet while she's doing the crossword puzzle. I wonder if a reporter can use that program when doing interviews. We're getting interviewed next week so I'll find out. TW said to find out if Puff does dishes or irons. HAH! Seriously, I'm glad it works so well for you. Technology can be wonderful when it works.

  4. Mary
    We are so glad Puff the magic Dragon is working so well for you.
    The more you grow accustomed to each other the easier it will become.
    Mom still doesn't do blue tooth, so you are far ahead of her with technology.

  5. Puff iz Simply Amazing! Vary happy fur yoo Mario's momma dat yoo were able to get dis to help yoo. Thx fur sharin cuz sharin helps others! *Big smooches* to yoo, Leo

  6. Mary, our Mom is so impressed that you learned how to use that. Sghe could never figure that out, that is for sure. WE can't figure out Twitter. She just doesn't have the patience to sit down and learn it.Take care.

  7. I'm so glad it's working for you! I've missed your blog posts, but completely understand! I thought about joining you and Mario on twitter, but the cat's are either elitist or ADD, and my house-rooster (don't ask!) is a rather depressing fellow. Take care!


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