Sunday, February 8, 2015

Time Flies - Stop The Clock

Hi Friends,

Sorry I've been missing for over a month - one whole month!   Wish I could say it was because we were on some fabulous trip or we've moved to a warmer climate.  Truth be told - it was none of those things.   I just wasn't in the mood to write anything and had nothing of interest to say!   A dear friend tells me I won't have any readers left or grow any if I don't write more frequently.   She is right---I know that--- but still didn't do anything about it.

Presently I'm thinking about our friends out East and West.   Horrible weather is and has been happening in both places.    I can't even imagine dealing with the amount of snow that the East Coast has had.   Then there is all the rain, flooding, mud slides, etc., on the West Coast.   Our hearts really go out to anyone living in those areas.   Since Mario has an active Twitter account and is friends with lots of dogs and cats all over the world actually, several are located in the parts of the US that are getting extreme weather.   We always worry about them and feel better when we'be had a tweet from someone indicating they are okay.

I did spend some of that time playing around with various programs on the internet that help you create pictures or fancy them up.   That has been fun and I've learned a lot.   The header at the top of the page was originally created by me and then run through one of those programs to give it a little character.    One can spend hours doing that type of thing.

Our winter has been mild this year.   Yes, we've had a few days where the temperatures were below 0, but on a whole they have been in the teens and 20's.   We are lacking in snow this year, which will not be a good thing for the farmers our gardeners.  I have loved having a winter without  much snow, but I know it is needed.   After last year's extreme weather, we are not complaining about what we have this year.

I hope all is well with you and your families.   I am going to try to post something more frequently now.   Yes, I have said that before and then not followed through.   But I'm going to try hard.

Now that I've bent your ear with a page full of nothing, I'll say "until next time."