Friday, February 28, 2014

The Ice Age Commeth Again - And A Happy Ending

Hi Friends,

A new record was set in our city last night - 50 days of subzero temperatures this winter.   Sigh!  They are promising to give us temps around 27+ next Thursday!   This is getting very old.

I've talked before about our wonderful Mr. J who does our snow clearing for us.  Well, there is more to the job than just shoveling or using the snow blower.   About a week and a half ago - after another snowfall - Mr. J decided the mountains were getting too high along the driveway. Winter is far from over here and the piles would only get higher, making it difficult to shovel.   Even with the blower it was getting hard to blow the snow up and over.  So this wonderful man stayed on that day, after clearing the driveway and patio of snow, climbed the mountains and manually shoveled the snow farther out into the yard.   He knows we still have the month of March to get through and we can sometimes get a big snowfall of 12+ inches.  He said he is just trying to stay ahead of the game.

We just can't thank him enough for taking care of our snow.  He is our guardian angel of the snows, and we wouldn't be able to stay in our house if we didn't have his services.   We are so blessed to have him in the winter and our special yard crew (Harrison and Dad) in the summer for yard work.

We lost another wonder Twitter human to Lung Cancer last week - Ingrid, human of @nocrybabydogs.   I had known Ingrid for 5 years.  Mario did a nice blog tribute to her at
last week.  But then this morning I received this link that appeared in the newspaper of the lady (@DanaPixie) who adopted Ingrid's dog.   Thought you might find it interesting.   After the sadness of losing Ingrid, it was heartwarming to read this amazing story.

Daffy and TSK (Dana and Jim's kitty) are getting along fine.  Daffy arrived at her new home on Wednesday night and slept in the big bed with Dana, Jim, and TSK. I teasingly asked Dana if she had given Daffy and TSK catnip  before bed to have them both so peaceful and low key!  Pictures of Daffy's journey were posted at each "hand-off" stop so we could easily keep track of her journey.   There was a round of cheers on Twitter when Daffy was placed in the arms of her new mom, Dana.  All eyes were glued to #4Legs4Daffy for three days while she made her journey.  Three special Twitter friends had volunteered to each take a leg of that journey.   We are so thankful that they all made it to the destination and back home again.

The power of the social media never ceases to amaze me.   I have met so many wonderful people through it - including all of you blog readers, Twitter friends, the Blogosphere friends, and Face Book friends.  Plus we have a group of special local friends who are near and dear to us.   We are blessed!

Until next time - stay warm and dry.   Maybe by June we'll have some warmer days!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How Many Pieces?

Hi everyone,

These are the photos I wanted to post last week, but deleted them from the camera before downloading.

What is so special about this?  As quoted from a sign next to the replica: "It's a replica of Green Bay Packer's Stadium, designed and built by 15 Engineering Students from Milwaukee School of Engineering.  It was  completed August 5, 2013" and is exhibited in the lobby of Bellin Hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

"It took 1500 hours designing and building the project.  The design is based on pictures and computer projections.   The replica is built on a 1" : 6' scale.  The replica measures 15' x 13" and is 27" tall."
"Over 130,000 pieces were used, equaling to approximately 500 pounds of plastic."  Most of those pieces, if not all, are Legos.

It is pretty awesome to see that in the huge lobby of the hospital and boggles my mind every time I look at it.   ha ha - I always wonder how many times the a chain reaction was started and it toppled.   I think now they have it permanently affixed together so there is no chance of that happening.  Mr. D says it was made out of a whole bunch of Legos!

Just had to share this with you because I find it fascinating.

Thoughts are with all our friends living in the southern states and Eastern seaboard.   The latest winter storm sure is raising havoc down there.   I can't complain about the 1 inch we received today.  It's peanuts compared to what others are receiving.

Take care everyone - stay safe, and I hope your power stays on.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dumb, Dumb , And Dumber!

Original Oil Painting by Mr. D, who is a hobby artist.
Other Paintings by him can be found in Mario's blog


I had something totally different planned for today's post, but I pulled a "Mary."   

Yesterday Mr. D and I went to the hospital again as I had an appointment in their Wound  Center every Tuesday.  (I have a wound on my ankle area that has been stubborn at healing.  Somewhere around Thanksgiving I hit the ankle on the corner of something (can't even remember what), treated it myself at home with Peroxide.   After about 3 weeks of it not healing, I kicked the same area again, breaking it open and deepening the wound.   Meanwhile I continued to go to my water exercise class thinking the heavy Chlorine would really clean it out.   It did, but still didn't heal (No I'm not diabetic).

Finally just before Christmas Mr. D suggested I go see the doctor.   He prescribed a salve and suggested I go downtown to the hospital and visit the Wound Center because they have "all kinds of special things that can be used to heal a wound like yours."

Once a week since right after Christmas I faithfully go to the Wound Center where the doctor measures the area, digs around in it, cleaning it out some, treats it with a piece of Pomogram (which looks like felt) and then a layer of Medihoney Gel over the top of that.   Of course it is wrapped and protected.   I continue the treatment at home every 3 days.  This is not serious, so don't worry about me.  It is healing nicely but ever so slowly.  I should have paid more attention to treating it and protecting it when I first injured it.   It does not pay to let things go too long, and I should know that but just didn't want to give in on something that seemed so stupid at the time. 

Anyway, there is a very unique display set up in the lobby of that hospital.   Mr. D went with me and was assigned the job of taking pictures of the unique object so I could post it in my blog yesterday.   When we came home in the afternoon, I downloaded the pictures, thought I saw them downloading, so deleted the pictures from the camera (usually I wait a couple of days to do that).   Well, guess what - the pictures never downloaded and I have already deleted them from the camera!  Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber!

We'll take pictures again next week when we're downtown so I'll have something nice to talk about next week - but it was very frustrating.

i've been reminded of two lessons: 1. Seek medical attention if something doesn't start healing in a few days.   2.  Don't delete pictures from the camera without actually looking at them, cropping, etc and saving where you want them stored.  Then delete.   We should all know to do those two things anyway - it's just common sense - "dumb, dumb, and dumber!"


P.S.  My heart goes out to all the people in the path of this latest storm - two in a row is simply not fair and both bad ones.   Hope everyone is safe.  I always worry about the many friends I have scattered across the US that I've become close to on Twitter.