Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shake It Baby - Shake It!

Dear Readers,

Singing "We're having a heat wave..............We're having a heat wave.............!
Our temp will reach all of 32 this week -- maybe higher.   In fact, they are talking "melting" this week.   January thaw - here we come!

Hope you all are having a good 2013 so far.   We were humming along here until the other day when I managed to screw up ALL my word documents.   Java came knocking at the computer door  first thing in the morning, so I let her in to do updates.   I then walked away from the computer for a few minutes to give her privacy!

I then shut down the computer, rebooted, and left the house for awhile.

At that point, someone else must have come in - probably that old lady and man that hide things on us.  Only this time they got  into the computer and shook it up!    

When I returned and sat down at the computer, I noticed some of my word documents were missing (first clue that things are NOT right).    When I opened up the document I wanted -  this is what it said:

"..come-with-us-as-we-follow-Alice-In-Wonderland-down-the-rabbit-hole (paragraph symbol).


Upon checking all my documents were full of codes and dashes!

HELP - I emailed son-in-law - our computer guru (whom Don and I can't live without).  Everything else on my computer was acting normal!   i'm sure he was JUST thrilled to hear from me again.   (By the way, I talk to him way more than my daughter because of all the computer things I manage to goof up!)

Some days I am more shaky than other days.  The morning this happened, I was very shaky.  It seems that in all my shaking, I somehow managed to hit a computer shortcut or two which caused this problem.   (who - me!!!  Can't believe that! he he).

SIL took awhile to think about the problem (I keep him busy solving problems he's never heard of before) but he found a computer shortcut that fixed the entire problem with a couple of key strokes.   I tell you - that guy is a life saver to me, especially, and also to Don.   I told him he was a "saint."  But he said the Pope might want final say!   I think the last time I told our daughter I was so glad she married him (even tho I didn't like him at our first meeting) instead of a doctor!  It was better to have him in the family rather than a doctor anyway. he he - my way of teasing and making up for the fact I didn't like him at first impression!

So, here's to our Saint Son-in-Law - You have been such a great son-in-law - over and above the issues of fixing the computer.   We do love and appreciate you as we would a son!  Thank you again for bailing us out of computer problems.

Now if this isn't cause to get back on the right PD medication, than I don't know what is.   I've been dragging my feet at starting the drugs again because mentally I'm so much more with it!   But the downside is much more shaking going on.  

Until next time,



  1. Oh, I would love having a computer genius in the family!! I am glad your son in law got it all straightened out for you!

  2. I'm stuck being the computer genius in the family and that is a scary thing. I bumble around in the dark most of the time. LOL
    I'm sorry the meds have been giving you so much trouble. It's so hard to find a balance that works well enough without clobbering you with side effects. I hope you can find that balance soon. *hugs*

  3. OMG if that happened to me I'd be in tears ... thank goodness for your Saintly Son-in-Law. Am sorry to hear you having a period of the shakes and hope that they abate a little for you xxx's with love

  4. you got me tickled with your great sense of humor. Love the title and every word in here. You always make me smile but the thing I admire is your wonderful attitude toward your every day life and its attendent problems. I wish I could take a lot of leaves from your book. It would benefit me to be like you.


  5. Sounds like A Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On! MOL! I know it's not funny and apologize. Wish your SIL lived near us too. We don't know how to set up the router right and the neighbor we've been stealing WiFi from either moved away or got a new system. We haven't had Wifi in a month and I miss my furrends. Hopefully Uncle Vince will come this weekend and fix it for us.

  6. Love your upbeat post. Everyone should have their own personal computer guru. Unfortunately the rest of us just muddle along. Do have a friend who helps when we need him, but there are even things he can't help with then it's to the dreaded costly computer doctor.

  7. That is so wonderful Ken is there to be of such help. It is always good to have someone close by who is so kind. He sounds like a wonderful SIL!!!! Hope you are feeling better too. I hate to make this sound like I'm rubbing it in, but we're going up to 80 tomorrow. *sigh* I hate it in January to be that warm. Like many others mentioned we just love your attitude, in fact it is one of the things we admire the most about you!


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