Thursday, February 14, 2013

What a GREAT Day!

Hi Friends,

What a great day this has been.  First of all it's Valentines Day - So Happy Valentines Day.  Mario got into the act too by giving all the ladycats in the Blogosphere and on Twitter smooches this morning - after he gave Don and I one first.  He does know who is in charge of Kibble.

Today is also our 54th Anniversary!  Of course we were married in elementary school.  ha ha  Where did those years go?   You know I would not change even one year of that time.   When you both start having health problems, you know it's "true love" that carries you thru.

Today I also received a phone call from my health clinic stating the insurance has approved the Radio Frequency Abalation treatment, which I hope will take care of the pain I'm always having because of the lower back and SSI joint.,   They will be going in to  freeze or burn the nerve ending, thereby blocking the pain.   Unfortunately, they don't have an opening in their schedule until March 6th.  But, I've waited this long, I can hang in there for another 3 weeks.  Now we'll have to hope it does what they think it should do - get rid of pain.  Apparently most people that have it done absolutely rave about it.    I'm amazed and thankful that Medicare and the supplemental insurance approved it.  

Next week I'll give you an update on the Parkinson's issue too.  So stay tuned.

As you can see - it's been a great day!  Hope your's is equally as wonderful.



  1. Yaya! Mary! S happy to hear that you are blue to get some treatment to help you with the pin! My fingers are crossed. ~Cheri

  2. I am so happy to read about this treatment you are going to have.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Hurray that is great news Mary! I hope the procedure takes care of the whole problem for you. Congratulations to you and Don on 54 years of marriage - happy Valentine's to two sweethearts! xoxo Katie and Pandy

  4. A very happy Valentine's Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary! So happy to hear about this procedure being approved Mary! Praying that it brings relief. Love to all!
    Nina and Honeybell
    Smooches to Ladycat! ;)

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Anniversary! Hope the procedure does wonders for you. You deserve to have something go your way.

  7. Happy Anniversary dear dear friend. I am so happy that yours is an enduring love like this. XXOO

    Congratulations on geetting in on this wonderful medical procedure. I am so excited for you. xoxo

  8. Dearest Mary & D ... what a purrfect day for you Anniversary and so glad your treatment been approved *hugs* with love from J & J

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed the treatment works. Fingers AND toes!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! Your are true sweethearts! Congrats on the approval for your thingy to fix da pain issues. purrr

  11. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Good luck with your treatment. I can't believe it's less than a week away.


  12. Hi. I'm the human mom of Sushi. Mario is so sweet. He told my Sushi to come visit you here. I'm glad I did. I really hope you get the treatment you need to ease whatever pain or discomfort you're feeling now. I'll be praying too. God bless you and the whole of your family.


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