Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Senility Versus Drugs

Dear Readers,

Well, I did it again - screwed up on an appointment.  ha ha - I showed up at the dentist's office a week early for a fitting of a new partial plate.   I was just in there last Thursday (5 days ago - yes friends, only 5 days ago).  One of the office girls even opened the door for me because I was using the walker, and it's a chore and a half to struggle with doors that swing out when using a walker.

I went in, thanked her for opening the door for me,  took my coat off, started flipping through a magazine when another office girl came discretely over by me and showed me a print out of upcoming appointments.   Today's date was NOT on that list. ha ha!   April Fool's Joke On Me  to me!  The sad part is they gave me that same printout when I left there last Thursday.  I could swear I remembered seeing "Dentist" on my calendar! for today.,

I mumbled something about "oh, sorry - I know it's the Parkinson's Drugs messing with my brain again."   The gal said "well at least you can blame it on something that makes sense!   (She was patting her 6-months' pregnant belly) and said I blame it on the mommy-to-be factor myself."

For the record, I checked the calendar when I got home and there is NOTHING WRITTEN ON IT FOR TODAY!    Since I can carry on a conversation rather well yet, I'm sure it's the Parkinson's Drug (Sinemet) that I'm taking.   (1/2 table 2 x a day - I'm not even up to a whole tablet twice a day yet).  Now I have to remember to go next week on the correct day.   I'm thinking of the old string around the finger bit -  will this do it?  

Apparently I can't be trusted with a calendar anymore!

What's your vote - Drugs or Senility?

Until next time.



  1. I can't answer your question as I am so loaded down with drugs now. Fortunately none of them so far have affected my memory. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. I hope the string wont make you agonize over why its tied on your finger in the first place. I know I probably would! Haha.

  3. So far I haven't had a reason to blame anything on and my fingers are crossed to keep it that way for some time to come.

  4. Mary I'm guilty of doing the same thing and do not have drugs (or pregnancy) to blame so just go with the flow ... it's nice to be a bit ditherery xxx's

  5. TW's Mother always had a string tied around her finder to remember something and she wasn't taking any drugs. TW is starting to have a lot of trouble remembering stuff and she's only taking one med.

  6. Mary, NO way are you senile. NO WAY.

    If there is a problem, it's either drug related or there is too much on our plate and you can't think of everything all of the time. I love JessieJaney's comment. I agree.



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