Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mother Nature Gone Amuck & RFA Update

Hi Friends,

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  It's time for the Animal Group on Twitter to have their big weekend-long monthly party.  Consequently we're busy with that.  Ha ha - can't handle as much as I could 10 years ago.

Well friends, the above picture is what we awoke to this morning - front yard and back yard.  About 3+  inches of slush.   Notice the ice on the patio covering?  Also notice the slush ridges on the street where cars drove through to get to work this morning.

Just yesterday we paid the wonderful man who takes care of snow removal.   We laughed at the time knowing it was supposed to snow yet last evening.   He's back now and busy cleaning up 3 inches of snow slush with about 1/2 inch of ice on the bottom!!  Of course the plow went through already and now we have about 10 inches of slush in the driveway at the base!

I'm happy to report the RFA treatment worked on the sacroiliac joint.  But the rest of my back is still a mess.     I'll be meeting with the pain doctor in about 3 weeks.  We'll see what she has to say.  Meanwhile, ice packs help some!

Poor Mario has wanted to get outside so bad this past week, and I won't let him because the ground was so wet yet.  He's only allowed out with his harness and leash on, and it's too cold/wet for his humans to be out there with him.   At this rate, he will have to wait until May at least.   Poor kitty.,    He's so deprived.  he he

That's all for today friends.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our misery of spring in Wisconsin.  It's really a nice state to live in - summers are especially nice!  Think SPRING!  Oh, my next blog post will be on the life of Dragon!



  1. Oh, I hate snow. We are having thunderstorms and very heavy rain here today. Someday it will be spring for you.

  2. And he you have two darned weeks coming with snow and rain and gloom!! I so hope that your weather will be wrong. Hugs.m

  3. The birds are singing " Spring has sprung"

  4. OMC! don't send that over this way. We finally got some nice weather although we had thunderstorms and the temperature dropped like 30 degrees. It HAS to be freezing Saturday. The peeps are going to the ball game.

  5. I've only ever seen snow once and that was in the USA ... it sounds like such a lot of work? Whereas watering my garden on a hot summer evening is kind of therapeutic. Mary I'm glag one of your annoying pains has eased and wishing you luck for 3 weeks time.
    Love & xxx's J & J

  6. I can't believe you had so much snow in April! It's cold here too, but hopefully we won't be covered in white. Glad your RFA treatment worked, but I'm sorry that you're still in pain. Good luck with your appointment, and feel better soon. P.S. I"m also sorry that I didn't see this earlier.


  7. HIdeeho, MDCM !!! Glad the RFA treatment helped...I sympathize, sister. But Mario is just gonna have to learn some patience ! lol

    Hope it warms up finally has here...


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