Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dumb, Dumb , And Dumber!

Original Oil Painting by Mr. D, who is a hobby artist.
Other Paintings by him can be found in Mario's blog


I had something totally different planned for today's post, but I pulled a "Mary."   

Yesterday Mr. D and I went to the hospital again as I had an appointment in their Wound  Center every Tuesday.  (I have a wound on my ankle area that has been stubborn at healing.  Somewhere around Thanksgiving I hit the ankle on the corner of something (can't even remember what), treated it myself at home with Peroxide.   After about 3 weeks of it not healing, I kicked the same area again, breaking it open and deepening the wound.   Meanwhile I continued to go to my water exercise class thinking the heavy Chlorine would really clean it out.   It did, but still didn't heal (No I'm not diabetic).

Finally just before Christmas Mr. D suggested I go see the doctor.   He prescribed a salve and suggested I go downtown to the hospital and visit the Wound Center because they have "all kinds of special things that can be used to heal a wound like yours."

Once a week since right after Christmas I faithfully go to the Wound Center where the doctor measures the area, digs around in it, cleaning it out some, treats it with a piece of Pomogram (which looks like felt) and then a layer of Medihoney Gel over the top of that.   Of course it is wrapped and protected.   I continue the treatment at home every 3 days.  This is not serious, so don't worry about me.  It is healing nicely but ever so slowly.  I should have paid more attention to treating it and protecting it when I first injured it.   It does not pay to let things go too long, and I should know that but just didn't want to give in on something that seemed so stupid at the time. 

Anyway, there is a very unique display set up in the lobby of that hospital.   Mr. D went with me and was assigned the job of taking pictures of the unique object so I could post it in my blog yesterday.   When we came home in the afternoon, I downloaded the pictures, thought I saw them downloading, so deleted the pictures from the camera (usually I wait a couple of days to do that).   Well, guess what - the pictures never downloaded and I have already deleted them from the camera!  Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber!

We'll take pictures again next week when we're downtown so I'll have something nice to talk about next week - but it was very frustrating.

i've been reminded of two lessons: 1. Seek medical attention if something doesn't start healing in a few days.   2.  Don't delete pictures from the camera without actually looking at them, cropping, etc and saving where you want them stored.  Then delete.   We should all know to do those two things anyway - it's just common sense - "dumb, dumb, and dumber!"


P.S.  My heart goes out to all the people in the path of this latest storm - two in a row is simply not fair and both bad ones.   Hope everyone is safe.  I always worry about the many friends I have scattered across the US that I've become close to on Twitter. 


  1. Oh Mary, I have done that dumb thing too, deleting pictures and then not having them saved on the computer. You know that we can't blame growing older on everything although I always try. :-)
    I am glad your wound is getting better!

  2. this is all too familiar !!! Pasihuggs from Scotland...smoooch that Mario from me,please x

  3. I love love love the birdie picture!

    Been there, done that with the photos. In fact, I think everyone's done that at some time or another. Don't be too hard on yourself about it.

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself. Between you and your husband, you probably have so many regular doctor's visits, that you didn't want to bother them for something that you originally thought was a minor scrape. As for the photos, I'm so technically challenged that I would've erased everything in a matter of seconds. I'm glad that your wound is healing nicely, and we've all learned from your misfortunes.


  5. Cut yourself some slack, Mary! You will find another photography subject, and that will be well, just as your wounded ankle will be.

  6. I agree with everyone here. We gave each and all pulled the same stunt! I have more than once . Let me congratulate Mr. D on that superb painting!!! Xxoo

  7. I'm glad the ankle is healing sweetie. Sometimes those things go along just fine with at home treatment, sometimes they don't. At least you were wise enough to get it taken care of when you saw that at home wasn't gonna work this time. So that isn't a "dumb" at all. And knocking it again? That just gets filed under "klutz". *grin*

  8. I barked my shin on the corner of my desk so many times that I was getting a similar situation on my leg - only it was just from repeated injury. I finally had to duct tape a piece of packing foam to that corner of my desk so my leg would stop getting injured and it finally healed. Luckily I don't have that desk any more...

    I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures when you get them re-taken, and I agree, that painting is adorable. T.


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