Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Dear Readers,

It's finally happened!  Spring is here!   Last week at this time we were being warned of a possible big snow storm.   We ended up with about an inch, that promptly melted the next morning.  The Big Storm missed us by about 150 miles - it was close.

The tulips are starting to come up and also the Daffodils.   As you can see, the grass hasn't turned green yet, but hey -  we can't expect a miracle in one week.  LOL.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that Mr. D, my other half, is probably headed for knee replacement surgery once again.   He saw the doctor about 2 weeks ago.  The X-ray showed he had no cartilage.   He had knee replacement of his other leg about 15 years ago, so this is not totally unexpected.   Right now he says the Cortisone has helped.   We know he is buying some time - eventually it will have to be replaced.   

We are very thankful for the stair climber we had bought about 4 years ago.  Thankfully he is  riding in it now, whereas before he only used it to transport "stuff" up and down the steps.  I think it was a male ego thing.  He still insists on going with me to the grocery store, but refuses to ride in one of those auto carts available in most larger stores.   Time will tell.

I'll try to be more regular with posting now -  maybe at least once a week.   But will still visit all of you hopefully on a daily basis or every other day anyway.

Thanks for visiting. 



  1. Mary, I am so glad you are seeing some signs of spring there. If there are any signs here I haven't seen them. The grass is greening up some and that is about the only sign I have seen. My son in law had knee replacement done a couple of years ago and his other knee is just like Mr. D's with expected replacement in the next few years.

  2. Yeah for you and some signs of spring!! I went for a walk in the woods on the weekend hoping for some myself....but just snow. still. There were not even any buds on the trees yet. But soon!
    My dad has had both knees replaced too. We call him the bionic man - LOL. That was about 15 years ago too for him, and he is starting to have some difficulty again. But yeah - that male pride thing - we see him trying to hide it from us.

  3. It's good to hear you are having some signs of spring! Hoping all goes well with Mr.D and the knee replacement! xo

  4. I'm sorry that your hubby has to go through another knee replacement surgery! The stair climber will come in even more handy now. Wishing him, and his lovely nurse, all the best!



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