Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Goodbye Winter - Hello Spring

Dear Readers,

I hope it's safe to say Hello Spring - it is May!  But, maybe I should rap on wood or something.   Mother Nature could still make a liar out of me.  It's a cool spring with temps in the 50's daytime and high 30's at night.   Storms arriving tomorrow - joy!  After this past long winter, even a cool Spring is welcomed.  At least we haven't had the severe storms that so many have had -  so far anyway.

Some good pieces of news for a change.  Mr. D decided to join the Parkinson's water class at the CP Center.   They wanted me to come with him the first session, in case he needed help!  haha! It should be the other way around.  Mr. D is like a fish in water.   But I appeased them and went anyway.   It was nice to see what types of things they were doing.   

The 45 minutes consisted of water walking, stretching, different muscle exercises with the arms, using a 8 inch pool ball and sinking it (not easy), passing it from hand to hand behind the back.  Peddling a pretend bicycle backwards - one leg at a time.   They try to incorporate things that are not done normally to work on retraining the brain.   It's difficult to explain in writing, but some of the arm things were actually difficult.

There are 3 Parkinson's patients in the class, with Mr. D being the 4th.   All three were much more advanced than he is.   This  session will last for 5 more weeks, twice a week.   Then it will be up to him if he wants to stay in that class or switch to a different one.   We both feel that warm water is so therapeutic and we feel better for the day after getting out of the pool. We are blessed to have that option in our small city!   This pool is the only one in Wisconsin operated by the CP Center.

Happy Mother's Day to all you ladies - fur babies count for they are like children to some of us.   (Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady - and admit it).



  1. Hope that class is helpful to Mr. D!

    I believe it is safe to say that spring is here! Our temperatures here have actually been more like summer than spring!

    xo Nellie

  2. Spring has finally arrived here, It is to get close to 90 tomorrow so surely it will drift northward.

    The class sounds good and I hope Mr. D. benefits from it!

  3. my favourite colour to have in the garden! lovely.
    and I love the aquafit class I used to go to. exercising in the water is a lot harder than you think it might be.

  4. I do enjoy spring. Lovely blooms. My father had Parkinsons. He lived on a farm far from any facilities where he could get acquatic exercise. I'm happy you have this opportunity.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed that spring really is here. Signs are all there but we know Mother Nature can have a wicked sense of humour.

  6. That water class will help Mr D tremendously...will you keep going too ? It helped me so much when I was first rehabbing from the accident...I probably wouldn't be walking if not for that. I wish we had something closer to me so I could go again.

    Ah...spring. Wait, what?? It was hotter in my house (84) than it was outside (83) yesterday here !! Feels more like summer already. I have not turned on the air yet though...was supposed to rain last night but didn't, but at least it cooled down some.

  7. Happy Easter and Happy Mother's Day too. Fur Babies absolutely DO count...that from another cat lady. I have human children but my furred one is deeply loved. xxooxx


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