Saturday, November 19, 2011

OMC - That Was So Scary!

Permission received from KokoroPurrs to use this Cartoon
Dear Friends,

What a horrible night I had.  So, to cheer myself up and my readers, I just had to post this delightful cartoon by @KokoroPurrs.    His mom is a cartoonist and does wonderful work.  Her cartoon drawings of her cat  always makes me giggle.    Please take a minute and go over to their blog site and look thru some back issues of the blog.    She very graciously gave me permission to use some of her delightful cartoons in my blog.  (Mario is going to be so jealous).   

Now back to last night.   I went to bed at the normal time of 11:00 p.,m.   Some time during the middle of the night I felt the need to make a bathroom trip.   I tried to turn over on my side to get myself out of bed.   My body would not move.   I couldn't roll over nor could I sit up.   After struggling for a few minutes to get myself up, I started yelling for Don (who sleeps in the room next door).   He's hard of hearing, so he didn't respond immediately, but did finally come in to help me.   He had to help me up out of bed, and it was all I could do to lift my body with his help and to grab on to the walker.   Then my legs didn't want to move.  I felt like my body was frozen in time.    Finally I got them to take tiny, tiny baby steps to get myself to the bathroom.   After I finished what I went in there for, I had all I could do to raise my body to start walking again - well not really walking but taking tiny dragging steps to get back to bed.  Talk about scary.   If it would not have been the middle of the night I would have suggested going to the emergency room.   Something was drastically wrong.

This morning when I woke up, I could move enough to get myself out of bed, but my feet were still taking the tiny steps, and I really had to hold on to the walker for dear life.   After choking down some cereal, I went back to bed and slept until 11:00 a.m, and was more like my old self when I got up.  Still not real stable on my feet, but at least I could take my normal, usual steps.

I began to wonder if I was experiencing Bradykinesia that Debra discussed  in my last blog post.   Or was I progressing to the next level of Parkinson's?    It really scared me and I think it scared Don too.  

Then I happened to think today that I had seen my family doctor on Monday for back problems.   After getting the results back from the MRI and finding my back had worsened since 2008 (no kidding - I knew that before the MRI results were in), he gave me 3 new drugs to add to my cocktail!!   One of those is Gabapentin 300mg 2 x day.   This drug is sometimes used to treat seizures and used for RLS (of which mine has been getting worse).  I'll be calling the doctor's office Monday morning to tell him of these latest developments, but in the meantime, I dropping that drug.  

He also prescribed Clonazepam 0.5 mg 1 x day at bedtime.   This is used to treat panic attacks (I don't have that???).  The PAL says it clams your brain and nerves.  YIKES.     Now I'm not sure which one gave me the immobile symptoms, but I'll be stopping that one too until I talk to the doctor.  Fortunately, I had only started those drugs on Friday and it was Friday night when I had the problem.  So at least I don't have to go thru withdrawal symptoms.

The other drug he prescribed was Tramadol  HCL 50 mg 3 times a day with Tylenol - used for pain.  I'm sure Tramadol didn't give me the symptoms I experienced, so it has to be one or both of the other drugs.   I will take Tramadol before bed tonight along with Tylenol.

Oh how I wish I didn't have to be on all these drugs.   "They shoot horses - don't they?"  I've tried to maintain a sense of humor thru this entire time since being diagnosed with Parkinson's - but I must be honest - the humor is running out.



  1. Oh, I do hope you are able to keep up your sense of humor! I'm sorry you went through that last night, I can't imagine how scary that was.

  2. OMG I had no idea you had gone through this! You are so strong and brave to be facing things like this each day. I have chills myself just thinking about how frightened you must be.
    All the while, here you are helping everyone else.
    So much love & admiration,
    Jodie (& Jin & Pix too)

  3. TW here: Clonazepam (generic of Clonapin) is like Xanax, which I've been addicted to a couple of times. Why would a back doctor give it to you? It's for anxiety, which I've experienced my share of. I'm not an expert on PD, but it doesn't seem right to be taking something that changes your brain chemistry. I feel terrible that you had to go through what you did last night. I've been kind of scared lately because I don't seem to have much of a short-term memory at all. Getting old is, indeed, a contact sport.

  4. I am really sorry. Think of me huggin u with mah paws. :)

  5. Mary..
    I sure hope that this was a meds reaction. You are a savy think back and realize what "was new" in your medical procedure and take action!!
    Will be anxious to hear the Dr.'s explanation!
    See you on Monday


  6. Mary, we've just recently "met", ChazzTheDog's Mom here. I hope you have returned to your old self now that it is Sunday. I had a "small stroke" a year ago. No lingering damage, thank G*d, but know what it's like to all of a sudden have your body not work the way you expect. Chazz & I will be holding a good thought for you. Pleeze say hi to Mariodacat for us.

  7. First Mary, it is my pleasure to be featured on your blog. Second, I think you do a good job of mixing just the right of personal antidote, medical info and you raise awareness of some important issues in a very readable way. Kudos for a task not easily done. Third, are there doctors (would that be a pharmacologist? ) who can over see your meds? I think it's crazy that this isn't already part of one's treatment. As a former wife of a psychiatrist, we've seen poor coordination, an incomplete understanding of these powerful drugs.

  8. Sorry I didn't get all the info today .the drugs you got I a
    So,had tree ogle time with them. Will talk with you at group.

  9. I got so excited when I read your blog that my comments were unreadable mostly because I was on gabentin when I had shingles. Horrible drug. Also gave it when I had leukemia for a very short time. We will talk tomorrow.

  10. I know what happened of course as we spoke of it and as I said repeatedly, it scares ME thinking of what you went through. I would give anything for that not to have happened.

  11. I am so glad that things are better.
    To show you how bad my memory is getting I thought I responded to your post and couldn't believe my eyes when I had not.
    Keeping you in my thoughts!

  12. What a very scary experience. Thinking of you and sending you prayers.

  13. Gabapentin is a hard one, my doc only prescribes when nothing else seems to work.One day was more than enough on that for me.

    I so admire your spirit, but understand how humor only goes so far. Let it out to us, and we can help!



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