Saturday, December 24, 2011

Visit With Neurologist - Merry Christmas

Dear Friends,

Wish I could say I have some good news after visiting with the neurologist yesterday, but I don't.   I clearly believe he doesn't know what to do with me.   I did catch him on a day where he had 10 patients waiting in the same waiting room to see him.   Maybe it was a bad day for him.  Usually he takes whatever time you need, but not yesterday.

I am more shaky again.   He wants to add another drug to my cocktail.  Sorry I can't give you the name because he's having it called in to our mail order pharmacy so I can get a 3-month supply.  (Hope it works)!   If i would have been thinking clearly when I saw him, I would have had him phone to a local pharmacy to try for a month, but as usual, I wasn't comprehending fast enough to keep up with him.

He did make the comment tho that if this didn't work, he'd put me back on the Levodopa/Carbidopa combination again.  He asked me what ever happened to various drugs that he had prescribed, and was I taking them.   No, I'm not taking them because they were doing strange things to me - a combination of being dizzy, losing my balance rapidly, and/or making me sick to my stomach and throwing up. Each time I stopped a drug it was because I called his office, told them the side effects being experienced, and he said to stop the drugs, thru the nurse I was talking to.   I would think my chart should have been noted as such, but clearly it was not - or he was too busy to notice.   I am going to sit down and write him a letter on Monday right after Christmas reminding him of all this.  Then I will take a copy of that letter with me on my next visit in 6 months - if I don't call sooner and ask to get in to see him.

I also brought up the fact that I had gotten sick to my stomach about 3 times in the past 2 weeks, and i thought it was from one of my drugs.   I also mentioned to him that my family doctor had prescribed the pain killer for my back along with Tylenol.   I think the added drug is what is making my stomach upset.    

I'll be seeing my family doctor the first week of January, so plan on having a long talk with him on the best course of action.   I'm very tempted to get an appointment in Milwaukee with Don's doctor (not thru the VA tho, because I'm not a veteran).   That doctor is a Parkinson's specialist working out of Froedert Memorial Hospital.  But there is no point in trying to get an appointment with her now because of winter driving.  It will have to wait until spring/summer when there is no worry of a snow storm making a 2 1/2 hour drive into a 5-hour, nerve-wracking trip.  It's nerve wracking as it is just driving in Milwaukee.

The above picture is the front of our house - taken last Christmas.  This year we are minus the outdoor lights and have snow on the ground - thanks to mother nature delivering an inch yesterday.   I have to laugh because the weatherman has been saying for a week that it looked like we would have a brown Christmas this year.   Wrong again! he he - I still think they sometimes predict the weather by shooting darts at a dart board.   

Our daughter and her husband are coming early afternoon today and will spend the night here.  After we give them breakfast Christmas morning, they'll leave for Ken's family.   We were invited to do down there too, but have declined due to the hour's drive back home in the dark.   Neither Don nor I are up to that anymore.   I think we just may take in a movie tomorrow afternoon.  Or, we'll stay home and get ready for the Packer game in the evening.


I hope you all have a blessed Christmas, Holiday Season or Happy Festivis, as the case may be. 

Sorry for the "down beat" post at Christmas, but I wanted to document everything that happened at the Neurologist's appointment last Monday while it was fresh in my mind.

Thanks to you my faithful readers for taking the time this busy season to read my blog.   It is so appreciated.




  1. Mary
    W also receives the same feeling when he sees his neurologist. I honestly think THEY have no idea what to do. It's like this is your diagnosis but I really don't know how to treat it.
    I am so sorry the medicines have been making you ill. I hope the new one will be the answer to how you are feeling.And you are wise to document everything, I try and do that too.
    Thank you dear friend for your kind friendship ... This holiday I truly appreciate that gift! Enjoy your Christmas with your family.

  2. They hooman doctors iz so frustrating izn't they? That be a good idea to try Don's doctor in teh springtimes. It wud be so much betters if jusht one vet did all teh medicayshunz wudn't it? Keep yer spirits up an haz a Meowy Chrispmouse. Iz sending lots of luvs an hollyday purrs xoxo

  3. Hello there, we read but don't comment as we only have a couple of friends with relatives with Parkinsons so are lucky not to know that much about it. Always feel a bit guilty reading but not commenting so just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

  4. I am bothered by yet another new presecription as I mentioned on the phone. But we always assume they know what they're doing. I just don't like you adding another new drug. :-((( Abby may have it...they just don't know what to do so they keep trying this and then that.


  5. Sometimes I think they don't even read the charts, or just skim over them. Seems like they're always asking the same questions. Added drugs make me nervous. I always aske the pharmacist if there will be a interaction between them when getting one, even if it's just for a temporary pain. Not one to take a chance. Keeping a prayer for you.

  6. TW here: First of all Merry Christmas! It would be nice if you could get someone to drive you to Don's doctor earlier since she seems to know a lot more than your doctor. Being one who gets reactions from many drugs, I feel sorry for you b/c my doctor doesn't know what to do. When I recently needed antibiotics, we decided since I was allergic to them all to start all over again. Tetracycline was bad for me when I was in teens & 20s, but turns out to be the one I can take now. Go figure.

  7. I'm sorry you felt a little down with all this health stuff this Christmas. My mother gets quite frustrated when she goes to the doctor. She has a laundry list of meds and allergies and they ask her every time, what meds are you taking and what allergies? She snaps at them, I printed you a list from my computer and it is in my file here. LOL I hope you get some good care trying a different doctor. I know it is not easy to switch, but not all doctors are equal. Big hugs to you for the New Year!

  8. Sorry I haven't been over as often lately... Craziness with the holiday and all. So sorry you are having some much trouble getting the right drugs put together for you. Hope that clicks soon. Sending you encouragement.

    The front of your home looks so welcoming. Hope you had a great Christmas.

    Take care, Lou

  9. Mary, Sorry you're not feeling better and your doctor hasn't been helpful. It's a positive sign that you're keeping records of everything. I like your idea of visiting your husband's doctor, if his treatment has less side effects. Hope you were still able to have a Merry Christmas, and I wish both of you the best in the New Year! Julie

  10. I am so sorry Mary, that we haven't been here is a long time. Too many sick animals, darn it all. It really sounds to me like you need a new doctor. I would be furious if a doctor did that to me. I think that is one huge problem with doctors these days, is that they take a patient every 8 minutes and so don't have time for anyone. My regular doctor does that and I told her, she tried to fit in too many people in a day. It is just nuts. They can't possibly do a decent job. Hope things get better for you. Sending lots of purrs. Take care and a very Happy and Healthy New year to you.

  11. Hi Mary, I am just now reading this. Your front door area with snow must have looked wonderful at Christmas, I chuckle as I always say "if I was wrong about my work as many times as the weatherman...I would have no job!" I guess they all have the same dart board.
    I am so sorry to hear about your Dr. visit, but I am hopeful about you going to see your Husband's. Have you gotten in yet?
    Please keep writing. xoxox


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