Friday, February 10, 2012

Mother Nature's Return Visit

Dear Readers,

Mother Nature decided she wasn't calling an end to winter yet.   It started snowing early this morning , we have about 3 inches of snow on the ground with strong winds wildly re-arranging snow.   We have a pretty, colorful flag which you can barely make out in the picture because the wind is whipping it around.   I was hoping the flag would show up better as it helps brighten up the day with the new snowfall.  Tonight the temperatures will fall below zero.  Hopefully Mario will really snuggle in bed because that little guy acts like a furnace - you don't get cold with him next to your back.

A funny thing happened while grocery shopping this morning.  As I was headed to check out, Don took off and was shopping in the "card" section.   I made the statement to the checkout girl that "I seemed to have lost my husband."   She replied with - "That's okay - another one will be along shortly".  ha ha! Sure enough, a couple of minutes later a man fell in line behind me at which time the checkout girl stated "See - I told you."   Now at this point I burst out laughing because it was so funny.   The man behind me had no clue why we were both laughing, and neither did Don when he finally caught up with me.  It's probably the most fun grocery shopping trip I've had in months.  ha ha - doesn't take much to make a highlight in my day.

I continued to laugh until I was presented with the total bill.  Talk about sticker shocker!   When are those rising grocery prices going to stop.   

I have another post planned for tomorrow and it's pretty exciting, but today I just had to share something fun for a change.   I'm having some good days this week - thanks to a Cortisone shot in each of my sacroiliac joints on Monday (right where your "sitter" is).   I've been able to get rid of the pain pills for now anyway, and just go with 2 Tylenol three times a day. 

Until tomorrow - hope you are snow free and having a great Friday.



  1. Love your pretty Valentine theme. Very cute story. Sometimes it seems husbands just don't do well at the market. I am glad you are getting a little relief. Sounds like a hard way to get it, but I guess it is the end result that counts.

  2. I was always losing Jim in a store and sometimes I would get aggravated having to wait for him to find me. I would go back in a heartbeat to one of those times if I could.

    It is snow pretty heavily here now. the wind is whipping around and the temps are falling.

    I am glad you are having a good day!

  3. I know what you mean about sticker shock.
    What about gas prices. Yowza! It seems like everyday that is going up and up and up. Makes me wish I could give up driving. And of course that influences our grocery bills too. *sigh*
    But it sounds like a good trip until the bill came. :)
    Love the header change that is so cute.

    Glad you are feeling better with the shot and hope it continues to help you.

  4. You wanna see sticker shock and how much groceries are costing, check out my blog. It's funny that we both blogged about trips to the store. Bet I know what Don got you! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. For valentines day my mommy went off and left me!!!!

    Mary I loved that story. It's making my whiskers turn up reading about a light hearted moment @ the market. And I'm so happy that your pain has been relieved. Xxooxx
    Lonely Katie

  6. So glad your pain is on the run for now! It's hilarious when you loose a spouse in the store...usually I'm the one wondering off. Nick keeps threatening to put bells or a beeper on me! LOL!


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