Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks and Good News

Photo taken in Alaska May 2011.on our cruise

Dear Readers,

Happy Valentine's Day.  Fifty-four (54) years ago today, Don and I walked down the isle at our wedding.   Where have those years gone!!  How can it possibly be 54 years when in my head I'm still 40ish (not my body, but my head).  My body hasn't felt like 40 since - well - age 40.

The other morning I woke up with a good idea for a blog post.  I Should have written it down, but didn't.  Obviously, today I couldn't remember what it was. It's so frustrating when that happens.   

I don't know if you have been noticing the various headers at the top of this blog and Mario's blog or not.  But I recently took advantage of a 30-day trial program that PhotoShop Elements 10 was offering.   WOW, I'm not sure if this old dog is up to learning all these new tricks or not.  It's very complicated.  They only use video's as a teaching tool.   By the time I've watched the video and then try to put in practice what I have seen, I've forgotten half the steps involved to get there.  I guess I'm just going to have to view one video every 3 days, try to take notes as I'm watching, and than practice those techniques for the next 3 days.   Since I have shaky hands, it's not easy to take notes while watching the video, and what few notes I take, I have trouble reading.

Now on to the Fantastic News.  Last week, while reading the blogs, I happened on an update in the Parkinson's Disease Foundations's Blog written by James Beck, Ph.D., Director of Research Programs.

It seems that two different scientists have discovered independently that Alzheimer’s disease may spread from brain cell to brain cell much like a virus.

Now what does all this have to do with Parkinson's? Well, there are similarities in that their theory is whatever causes Parkinson's reacts much the same way - traveling from cell to cell (cell might be the wrong scientific term here). I'm not going to try to explain it here because it's way too scientific for this old brain and I might not use the right terminology which could cast an entirely different light on things. I suggest you take a minute to read Dr. Beck's interesting article.

There is now hope that perhaps a vaccine can be developed to stop the spread of the disease and maybe even prevent it. I had left a comment in his blog that I wouldn't mind being a part of that test group - whenever and if it reaches that point. Of course, in reality, that is a long way in the future and probably won't happen in my lifetime. So, I'm not going to hold my breath or get too excited about the possibility of being a part of scientific research. But it is the most hopeful thing I have read about this disease - ever. If interested in reading the article - just click here: Parkinson's Disease Foundations Blog It's a short article and easy to read.

This has been a half way decent week pain wise. I got my two shots in the sacroiliac joints one week ago yesterday. The shots also helped my back a little bit. I don't know how long this will help, but I can't get another set of shots for 4 months.   I'm going to enjoy this time now while I have it for however long it lasts.

Happy Valentines Day!



  1. Happy Anniversary dearest Don and Mary! I am so happy for the two of you as you are obviously meant for one another. Your marriage has made both of you who you are as a loving pair through the years. What a joy you both are to one another and to your friends both near to you and far away as I am, as we have the pleasure of knowing you. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day. You two make it speacial. <3

  2. Happy Anniversary Don and Mary. May you always be in love, not only with each other, but with life itself. May God Bless you both!

    It would be so wonderful if the research led to a cure for Parkinson disease. My grandfather suffered from it. Prayers for that!

  3. Happy Anniversay to you both. You are so blessed to have such a love.

    I sure hope they have come upon something to help ease, prevent or cure this disease.

  4. Whoa! That's a lifetime of love! Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine' Day. My theory on why cures are found is that people get grants to research a cute for PD or cancer. If/when they find a cure, the funding stops, so what's their incentive? The feds should give them a time frame and tell them the funding will stop unless we see results.

  5. Happy anniversary Both of you. Your heading at the top of blog is very pretty. I look forward to new pictures. May we both have many more Anniversary's in the same year. Glad those shots help so much. Wish they lasted longer.

    1. Thank you for your comments dear friend. Yes for sure - we BOTH need many more to come as you are dealing with a lot too. I'm replying from the blog - something I've not done before, so am expiermenting with you. As I look over the comnments, I see where some are a little more faded than others. I wonder if that is what is causing the problem you not being able to see them. I'm not sure why some are more faint than others. Will try to do some checking.


  7. A BIG Happy Anniversary to you and your honey! WOW...54 years is a beautiful thing. Hang in there with Photoshop Elements...I have found that practicing one small trick at a time, over and over, has helped me. Call me crazy, but I just like fiddling around with Photoshop for fun. Some people read the paper, browse the news online, but I play with Photoshop on my computer. And with such a beautiful kitty to use, you're bound to have fun!

    What amazing news that is about the research. Prayers for you and all that suffer with this disease.

    xo Glogirly

    Katie sends her smooches to Mr. Maro. xoxo

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    I approve of your headers (this is coming from a graphic designer). Instead of taking notes have you tried watching the video two or three times in a row?
    I really hope that a Parkinson's vaccine becomes an option one day, my grandpa had it. I know how much it sucks :(

  9. Jeez.... 54 years... mmm... s'pose yr prbly gonna keep him... it seems to be wurkin out... maybe I'm wastin me time waitin around!!!
    WeK xox
    p.s. Concatulations to u & Don.

  10. Happy belated anniversary to you and your husband! I hope that they do find a vaccine, and that you'll be able to enjoy the benefits! Julie


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