Thursday, April 26, 2012

Making A Fashion Statement - NOT

Dear Readers,

Dream Shoe

When you have Parkinson's Disease, there is a good chance that you will have balance problems - unfortunately it goes with the disease.  Thus, you need to have a good foundation so you can maintain your balance while walking.   Your days of wearing a beautiful, stylish shoe such as this one above are pretty much over.   In reality, you will be in the following - or something similar - especially when outside.
They don't exactly make a fashion statement, but will keep you standing versus falling flat on your face.   

I can get dizzy just walking outside to the patio to put bird seed in one of the feeders.   Yesterday  I found myself getting woozy as I looked up  to find the hook the feeder was hanging on and started to lose my balance.  Fortunately, I was able to stabilize myself and not fall.   Had I been in high heels, I would not have caught myself.   This happens in spite of my efforts to practice balancing on each foot several times a day.   All it takes is for the head and eyes to move too rapidly up or down and over you go - head over teakettle! 

Oh there are tons of flat shoes and sandals that I could wear if I didn't have back problems and foot problems.   That's a separate issue from the Parkinson's issue.   You just have to make sure you have a good firm foundation on which to stand if you have Parkinson's.   

Well, my wonderful yard crew (Harrison and dad) are here taking care of the yard, and I have to pay them for a job well done again.   So, will close for this time. 

Would you believe I managed to prepare this entire blog with the new blogger interface without screwing anything up?   As is the usual case with "new and improved" items, it's more complicated than ever to use now, in my opinion - but then, I don't always like changes,   



  1. Mary
    I have balance problems because of my inner ear problems. So I weeble wooble all the time. I am used to it, hate it, but am used to it. In fact, I knew I had to find the best way to adapt. I need stable shoes too. But I was always unable to wear "pretty" shoes because of my weight and once I lost that, I decided to make sure to buy some pretty ones, even though I call them my "sit down" shoes. If I am going anywhere where I know I will be standing or doing a lot of walking, I wear flats.
    Getting older is not for the faint of heart.

  2. Mom won't wear heels either. She has the same sneakers in black. They're wonderful.

  3. Who cares about fashion, just please be careful!

  4. I gave up wearing heels when I retired from the AFB. Now I wear what is comfortable for me and I dress up for no one, especially doctors. ;-) Stay safe!!

  5. Glad you found these shoes! I also wear New Balance and find them very comfortable. On the subject of Blogger, I'm also having trouble with some of the changes, but hope it's a matter of getting used to. Good work putting this all together with the new format! Julie

  6. Well, I've had the newer version of blogger for a year now on my human blog. Katie will likely just do it and get it over with as will the Admiral. And as you know, I couldn't find the dashboard again after blogging. SIGH But thanks to you..I now have it down pat! Heeee. xoxoxoxo

  7. I love the tennis shoes. They can make their own statement..."I prefer comfort and common sense over crazy fashion." I'm thinking about looking into ballet slippers (the soft ones). I figure it doesn't get anymore light weight and flat that that! *grin*


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