Saturday, April 7, 2012

What A Day!

Dear Readers,

What a day this has been.   Thankfully, everything is fine now, but it  was an interesting morning and one we don't care to repeat.    I had an entirely different post in my head for an Easter post, but that went by way of the trash bin.

Don woke me up at 6:00, out of a deep sleep, by shaking me.   "Get up - I fell and am bleeding all over the place."    Not the best wake-up call.  Having Mario give me kitty kisses or stare in my eyes only an inch from my face is much more pleasant he he.

Don's description was a little dramatic - he was dripping blood on the carpeting but it wasn't all over the place - just a trail going from the bed into the bathroom.   I'm sure he was still stunned that he fell out of bed (yes  -  fell out of bed") and apparently hit his nose on a table nearby and landed on his face.   His face and nose have a beautiful, bright red, rug burn on them,  his pride is wounded, but otherwise, he's okay.   He is lucky he didn't break something!   

It seems he was dreaming he had fallen out of bed and banged his head.  Well, in reality, his dream wasn't a dream - it was real.  

Since he is on asprin every day as a blood thinner (after having had open heart surgery about  12 years ago), I  was worried about either a concussion or internal bleeding in his head, so I suggested we get dressed right away and drive to the emergency room.   

Four hours, one cat scan of his head, blood work, and an EKG, later -  he was pronounced okay.   

Being a Saturday morning, the ER didn't seem unusually busy, but they had to wait for all test results to come  back, wait for a doctor to read them, wait for the discharge nurse, wait for, wait for, wait for.........   They sure did give him a good going over tho.

We finally got home at 1:00 after stopping off at the drug store for a prescription - very thankful that things were not as bad as they could have been.   I promptly called the man who steam cleans our carpeting, and he came right out (was I lucky or what?)  He performed his magic (he he - his business is called Magic Carpet Cleaning and he did a fantastic job.  There is no sign of an emergency situation in this house.

So, on a happier note  - Happy Easter or PassOver or Happy Day blessings to all of you.   

Until next time - 



  1. Oh M! what a way to wake up! Thank goodness Don is ok. Mom and I want to wish you, D and Mario a very happy Easter!

  2. OMC! D had a Pop moment! I'm glad he's OK. The sight of blood can be scary. Have a Happy Easter and try not to have anymore drama. xoxo

  3. How frightening for you both. I hate the emergency room. I am glad things turned out OK.

    Have a blessed Easter.

  4. That was awful. WHAT a DAY! See what happens when I leave for just one day? You all get into trouble. I'm joking of course but this is no joking matter. Thank Heaven he is alright. I hope hope hope that never ever happens again. That was very frightening.


  5. Oh my gosh, Mary...what next?? You do lead an exciting life. Never many dull moments. I will be home in a couple of weeks to "check out the damage"
    Have a wonderful Easter

  6. holy moly that not a good way to wake up but so happy to hear all is ok in the end. hug hug hug
    Boomie n Annie Sparkles n Connie

  7. Mary
    I am so glad Don is OK.
    I know how frightening this must have been.
    Will keep you and Don in my prayers.

  8. Goodness me !!!! thats a different Easter,wow Sending lots of Pasihugggggs xxxxx

  9. DUSTY: Sending Therapy Doggie Hugs from Hurley and I. Sorry your wake up and Sat a.m. were filled w/ Emergency. So glad Mr. Don was not injured severely. HURLEY: No one likes to wait in the ED, but we're glad you had an ED nearby and the Mr. Don got thoroughly checked. Sure hope he doesn't have much pain after hitting his nose and face. *licks and nose-taps*

  10. Gosh, sure glad Don is all right. I bet he was scared. Poor thing. Glad hs is A OK though. Now you can have a very Happy Easter. Take care and no more falling out of the bed.

  11. Oh my!!! I can only imagine how terrified you had to be!! Poor Don!
    I did chuckle though at how guys tend to exaggerate when they see blood, they just aren't accustomed to it like women are.

    thankfully Don is ok and thank goodness you were able to get the carpet cleaned right away before it set!

    Hope your Easter is only full of PLEASANT events!

  12. I'm so glad that your husband's okay! That must have been such a frightening experience. Thanks goodness, you're fine under pressure. Julie


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