Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BINGO - Here We Go Again!

Dear Friends,

I have to apologize for not being around for awhile, but it's  been a couple of busy weeks on Twitter, and Mario keeps me pretty busy over there.

What happens to you when you look at the picture of the spiral?  It makes me dizzy (ya, I know, I'm dizzy most of the time - or is that ditzy!  he he).  Anyway, I'm curious to know how it makes you feel when you look at it. so please let me know.  Why, well, I've been feeling quite dizzy (light headed) for close to 3+ weeks now and to the point where i now walk around with a cane at home most of the time as I'm never sure if I'll topple over or not..

My primary doctor switched my blood pressure meds to a new one because the old one wasn't doing the job any longer.   He put me on a lower dosage of a very common, widly-used brand.  

I started it and within three days I was feeling dizzy.  Well, it has to be from the  new meds - right?   My primary doctor then changed the med to a different brand and told me to wait 3 days before taking it so the other medicine was out of my system.    It was after 3 days - no more dizzy!

I followed his instructions for a second time and the same thing happened.   This time when I called he said he'd try a new brand again, but if the same thing happened, I should come in to see him.   

I visited that doctor last week and after checking my blood pressure himself, he looked at me and said "I don't think this is blood pressure pill related - I think it's PD related and maybe we'd better get your neurologist involved.

In the meantime I was to stop all of the new BP medications, stick with my old one that wasn't very effective any longer, and check with my neurologist.  And my primary doctor said to make an appointment in a month with him again.   I now have a call in to my Neurologist.  I happened to think that I started a new medication from him about the time I started the new blood pressure meds.  Upon checking the fact sheet that comes with my drugs - BINGO!!   The second side-effect listed is "May cause dizziness."   

I do believe the medication gods are mad at me!!  It seems like any medication the neurologist suggests, I end up with side effects!  One of these days I suspect he'll drop me as a patient!  (Not sure if that would be good or bad!) - just muttering here or as Mario would say -  MOL)

I haven't heard back from him after leaving a message yesterday.   I checked my PD handbook and dizziness is a symptom that falls within the PD disease, so maybe it's just natural progression too.   Unfortunately, the doc doesn't have any openings until the middle of October, unless after reading my message from yesterday he decides to find an opening to see me.

It's going to be an interesting and challenging several weeks until I can get in to see the Neurologist again.   As a Twitter friend told me one day - "Getting old ain't for the faint of heart."  She is so right!  Stay tuned.

For now.......


Update at 11:30 this morning.  The neurologist's office returned my call and will check with  doctor.  So they are working on it. In the meantime, I'm not as dizzy as I was early this morning or yesterday.  


  1. Hi Mary, I don't get dizzy looking at the image. I have been light headed from my new meds but it passes. I'm sorry that all the meds have bad side effects, it's such a hard slog getting to the right place. Keep the faith, hopefully your neuro will see you or at least give you a call to discuss. I am keeping you in my thoughts ~ Katie

  2. The image makes my vision a bit blurry but no dizziness.

    I am at the point where it seems I have an adverse reaction any time I take a new med. It is very frustrating. I hope you get things worked pout.

    Prayers for you Mary.

  3. TW here: That image makes my eyes cross. I hear you about new meds. Last week I developed an upper respiratory infection, which is turn caused my asthma to flare up. This isn't good since every time I take the inhaler, I get hyper nervous, anxious and start shaking so I don't take it. Also the nasal spray he gave me gave me a bad headache. I'm back to square one. I think your doctor should give you an emergency appt.

  4. Pumpkin's mom here. The image looks like it's swirling, but it doesn't make me dizzy.

    I know what you mean about medication side effects. I was getting random pains, getting dizzy, tired all the time, and more forgetful than usual. When the doctor couldn't find anything wrong, I started experimenting with my meds. Sure enough, when I stopped my cholesterol medication, it all went away. Well, not the forgetfulness. I am over 50 after all. LOL But it wasn't as bad as it had been. I've decided having borderline cholesterol is better than being tired, dizzy, and achy all the time.

    Sometimes it's really hard to choose which is worse - the disease or the medication.

  5. I am really holding out hope for an emergency work-in appointment. You should have one. This is close to intolerable. Mario may have to do the house work. MOL> Seriosly, I hope so much that you'll start to come up out of this.


  6. Hey sweetie. So sorry to hear about this new part of the fun-n-games. *sigh* While you're waiting you may want to ask your Doc about Antivert. It's a med that's been around forever and the only possible side-effect is sleppiness. (Which I've never experienced with it.) It's for dizziness and vertigo. It works pretty well, even if some days it only takes the edge off enough to walk without hugging a wall. *grin*
    Good luck my friend!

  7. The image also makes me feel dizzy. I'm glad that you're feeling a little better, and hope this issue is resolved soon. Sometimes you can also get dizzy from being dehydrated, so make sure you're drinking plenty of liquids too. Julie

  8. Giggling as the sprial makes me feel like I've been on a childhood merry-go-round.

    I'm so sorry that the "dizzies" have become part of your life. I do hope you can get to see your neurogogist and have your medication again adjusted. You have been down this road so many times with the side-effects of your meds - I bet you are saying "WHY ME?" Annoy the dickens out of your doctors Mary until they get it as right as they can get it - don't give up with accepting less - you quality of life should not be effected by medication. You have my sympathy and compassion and love walking beside you every day.

    xxx's with love
    Jane (aka JJ)

  9. I can't look at that spiral because it does make me dizzy. But I do get dizzy anyway. But not has bad since I went off the hormone blocker for the cancer stuff. It really is a challenge getting old. A lot of the times, the medicine and the treatments are worse than the disease.
    I hope you are able to get in to see the doctor Mary and get all that straightened out.
    Sending you lots and lots of purrs and prayers. Take good care Mary and hope you feel better soon.


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