Friday, September 28, 2012


Dear Friends,

Some good news for a change (I think!)   Yes, I'm headed for the big needle with the hopes of getting relief for my back.   That will happen next Thursday.    I met with a new spine doctor (Pain Management doctor actually) this morning and she confirmed that my back is a mess.   
She is the first doctor to tell me that in the past 18 years.   (Yes, I've been complaining about my back at least that long.)

Most doctors usually tell me "well it's not that bad to be causing you that much grief".   Well, maybe it's not that bad compared to some, but I'm very sensitive to pain.   We'll try an epidural and see if that helps.   I've been getting shots in the sacroiliac joints for at least 4 years now (or longer), which really helps my butt cheek and leg,, but it never did much for  the back.  The doctor in Appleton kept saying all my problems were related to the sacroiliac joint when I felt all along that it was back related.   Sure enough, the MRI shows that L1 in the spine is bad - no wonder I've been complaining for so many years.  (It's all  arthritis related.)   I  will be one very happy person if this works.  ha ha - If it doesn't work, I'll eat humble pie and you'll hear me complaining again!!

The doctor also approved a back brace for me to try, and she's authorized PT starting next week.   My friends have had the back brace, so I know it will be uncomfortable sometimes, but maybe give me some relief overall.  We'll see.  I'm willing to try it and she recommended trying it as a possibility.   At least she's willing to try whatever is necessary to give me relief.  

She did mention the possibility of stronger medication, but then said she felt it might be too much for me since I'm taking Parkinson's meds that already make me tied.   I might turn into a zombie if I take anymore drugs.  We don't need that as there are already days that I feel really out of it.

Our  days presently are wonderful weatherwise.   Bright sunshine, temps hovering in the high 60's - just perfect for fall.   Don took Mario outside this afternoon, and he was one happy cat. These types of days are numbered - in another week it's going to turn very cold.  It's my kind of weather for sure.

Will close for today.  Just wanted to share some good news for a change instead of always griping.   By the way, Harrison and his dad are still doing the yard for us.   His grandmother/mother just had serious back surgery - they put 2 steel rods down each side of her spine - from the tail bone up to the shoulder.   Her husband called Wednesday night after surgery and said all went well.   I'm hoping that is still the case, but he hasn't corresponded since Wednesday night.  She needs some prayers, if you can, because she has really suffered with her back longer and more than I have.   This is her 3rd surgery on her back.  It makes me shudder to think about what she has gone through and will go through before she's healed.

Thanks for reading my blog and taking this walk with me.    I'll get back on track with PD related things soon but presently I'm status quo on that subject,



  1. You are always in our thoughts and prayers dear friend. I so hope this works! The back brace should make you feel better too.

  2. Wishing you all the best. Hope all this makes you feel better.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I know back pain. I had back surgery in 2000 and I am still suffering with back pain. I hope you finally get some relief. Prayers for Harrison's grandmother and for you too Mary!

  4. I am happy to hear your good news and I'm crossing my fingers on the injection. Hopefully you will get some real relief. Sometimes it takes more than 1 injection so keep up the faith. My thoughts are with you and with Harrison's grandmother.

  5. YOu know I am hoping hoping hoping that this will do the trick. It just grieves me that you are in so much pain. xoxoxo

  6. Oh Mary I do hope the injection works for you ... you so deserve some relief from pain. I'm slack in not commenting to your many wonderful blogs but I read other comments and feel that they have said what I'd want to say (only better) ... maybe in future I'll just say "ditto" so you know that we are sending you our love.

  7. My Pop had major major major back surgery (his surgeon's words the 3 majors) one week after I was adopted in 2006. He had 5 disks shaved down in his lumbar region. He had been in incredible pain and tried PT and everything else. Surgery was the only option for him. He's glad he had it done. He says all has been well since that time. If you ever want to talk with him about it, you have our number. Hope the PT and brace work for you.

  8. I am so glad they are finally doing something for your pain! I've come to the conclusion that unless someone has experienced chronic pain, they really haven't got a clue how it wears you down! The Pain guys? I think they've seen so much, they listen closer.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is the relief you've needed far too long! *hugs and prayers*

  9. Mary am so glad that you've found someone who can help you with your back.
    Husband is still struggling with his PD.
    Have had two trips to the ER with it this past few weeks. But so far this week he has been better.
    Keepin you in our prayers.


  10. I hope that the injection, brace and physical therapy will be a huge help to you. Sorry that you've had to suffer for so long, and that Harrison's grandma has had to endure three back surgeries. My mom had a spinal fusion about three years ago, and she only did it after trying everything else. Best of luck to you and Harrison's grandmother. Julie


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