Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It Takes A Lickin' And It Just Keeps Tickin''

Dear Readers,

Do you recognize the title of my post?  Ring any bells?   It was in the advertising for Timex Watches.   ha ha - well I'm here to tell you -  it does just that - keeps right on tickin'!

Usually once or twice a week I go to the CP Center and do some walking and exercises in their warm water therapy pool.   Last Friday I was 15 minutes into the class and chatting away like a magpie with a couple of ladies.   All of a sudden I pulled my arm out of the water and looked down -  whoops!   I had drowned my watch in water for 15 minutes.    Well, we all had a good laugh over that and since I had already dunked it for 15 minutes, I figured I might as well stay in the water another 15 minutes until the class was over.

Would you believe (6 days later)  the watch is still working just fine?   I would imagine after a few weeks parts will turn rusty and there will come a day when it won't "keep tickin'".   But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.   i'm in awe of this $40.00 watch that is probably 5 years old now anyway.

Sometimes I wonder where my brain is or if I even have one anymore.   Have you ever done that?

Until next time,



  1. My hubby always called those moments "brain farts". I'm just glad it didn't cost you a new watch, because it's given you something to smile about every time you look at your old one! *hugs*

  2. WELL! Here I am! YES! So good to be back in the loop!!!

  3. You're lucky the crystal didn't get all misty inside cos that's what happens to TW's watches. Would be believe she still uses that Timex slogan at least once a week.

  4. Mary oh Mary I too have those moments. My favourite is going into a room and then wondering why I went into that room but recently been relieved that this caused by something called ‘event boundary’!


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