Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day Stretcher Needed

Hi Friends,

I'm feeling panicky today - my computer is over heating terribly, so our dear son-in-law is coming to the rescue again.   But that means I'll be without the computer probably until the weekend.   i'm madly trying to think what all I should print out before it goes.   Are we terribly dependent on these things or what?

The tree (all 5 feet of it) is up anyway, and the cards in progress.   It would be nice to have another week before Christmas.  I think we all need a "day stretcher" at this time of the year.

Hope you are not getting frazzled too!



  1. A "day stretcher" would be an interesting item! Today, though, I'm glad there aren't many more hours left in the day as I am really tired and looking forward to bedtime.:-)

  2. You can have a peaceful sleep still your computer comes. This is what i do when my laptop goes wrong.

  3. Why do I keep losing you Mary?? I know I have signed on as a follower several times.
    A day stretcher sounds good to me!

  4. Hope your son-in-law is able to solve your computer problem. I know how frustrating it is when it shuts down. Your tree looks lovely Mary!


  5. Just wanted to mention that we get Martha Bakes on Sunday at 12:30 on our local PBS station.:-)


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