Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ditzing Around Again

Hi Friends,

The other night I was out running a couple of errands and remembered to grab my camera before leaving the house.   One of the streets I pass by quite often is very decorated.  It seems that if one house on the block goes all out, quite often 2 or 3 others will join in with putting up lights!  At least that is what I have observed in our neighborhood through the years.

Out of 6 pictures taken, this is the only one that I felt somewhat happy with. What a disappointment.   Will try to go back and retake a couple one of these nights again.   

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow, then Thursday a possibility of a few inches coming.    I am so very thankful for the man who comes to shovel/plow us out whenever we do get snow.   He did tell me tho that he plans on taking a couple of days this week to go skiing.   I'll have to call a neighbor to see if he can help us out.   Neither Don nor I can do it anymore.  I tried scraping a light coating of snow off the driveway the other day and my back squawked loudly "don't do that!"  Okay back - you win this round.

Until next time,




  1. How festive! I look forward to more pictures. Don't shovel! That is serious business! Take care of yourself! Hugs.

  2. Mary, I was dropped from your follower list again. Blogger is being mean.
    The picture is beautiful.
    I shoveled and cleaned my car off yesterday and I feel it today.

  3. It's a beautiful picture! And if you'd like? I'd be more than happy to box The Boy up and send him to you. I swear, he's a snow-shoveling machine!

  4. We have had no snow here, and our temperatures are to be more moderate this week.

    How thoughtful of your friend who does the shoveling for you!

  5. The picture is beautiful. One of things I like about this time of years is all the houses so wonderfully lit up. Fortunately for us, we have a snowblower and my brother-in-law next door with a tractor & plow in case it doesn't work. At our age it isn't wise to shovel anyway.

  6. Love the picture and how it just speaks the happiness of Christmas to us all. xox

  7. I also love your sparkling photo! I hope that someone else will be on hand to shovel for you. I remember when my brother would shovel driveways for fifty cents. Stay warm and cozy Mary!



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