Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hotter Than ...............

Glacier National Park

Hi All,

As is the case with most of the US, we are baking here today.  The current temp is 93 with a Dew Point of 73.    The a/c is running full force  and I don't even care how much it costs this month to keep us cool.  I'm just so thankful to have it.    Our state doesn't experience temperatures like this every year - it might be every 3-5 years.  We are fortunate so far this year that this is the first time we've hit 90. It is supposed to cool off tonight with a high tomorrow of 71.  I can't wait.

I went to the mailbox (at the end of our driveway) a few minutes ago and got light headed just from being out there for all of 2-3 minutes.   That's when I decided to post a picture of a glacier in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. Just looking at it makes me feel a tad cooler (ha ha - because I'm back inside where the a/c is cranked up).

Did you ever wonder how the pioneers ever survived those early days without a/c?   They had to do hard, physical work too.   I suppose it helps some when you finally get used to it and don't know any other way of living.   Makes me happy I am living in this century!

I have some errands that need to be run, but that will have to wait until it cools down some.  We're supposed to get severe storms tonight and maybe that will help bring the cold front down. 

A very good Blogging friend (Beth) is going through another horrible health scare again after thinking she was in remission.  Please add her to your prayers.   Such a lovely person.    

Stay cool!


P.S.  It seems like I just got thru complaining about our bitterly cold winter - now I'm complaining because we have heat.  Guess I'm never happy with the weather, and it's something we can't even control.  


  1. Most homes in the UK don't have AC because our climate is pretty moderate. But latterly it has been in the high eighties and it's tiresome without AC.

  2. Hee-hee! Sounds like we're stuck in the same weather pattern. Heat, then hail, flash flooding and damaging winds. Batten down the hatches!

  3. I didn't have a/c when I was growing up, and it was miserable! I am very thankful for that luxury now. Stay cool!!

  4. After having temperatures over 100 degrees F last year, 90 is not bothering me that much this year. We have been very fortunate this summer as we have been staying mostly in the 80s with cooler nights. I am thankful for every good day we get. I am also thankful that if it is too hot and the air quality is bad, I, like you, can put the trip off for when it gets cooler.

    I remember the days when I was a child and the only places with AC were supermarkets and movies. We went to the movies often.

  5. I prefer the heat, myself. But as we'll be traveling your direction next week to play outside, can you see what you can do about bringing the temps down slightly?

  6. You're right but just about everyone complains about the weather. It's either freezing or sweltering. Not much in between time, is there. Keep cool. The heat really does drain the energy.

  7. When I was in college in 90+ weather for weeks here in Richmond, I used to run a cold (read: tepid) bath and dump every ice cube in the house in it. Sometimes I slept there. I'm still amazed sometimes that I survived the heat for so many years with no a/c. This year 90 seems cool after several days over 100. I am SO grateful for a/c.

  8. If you aren't used to it, it does become dm awful problem. Just stay in the house. We errr at 88 with a dew point of 70 something! Ugh.

  9. Strange. We’ve been colder than normal with temperatures only hitting 90 twice this entire summer.

  10. Sorry you've experienced such hot weather this summer. I hope it's cooled off by now, and I also hope your friend is holding up okay.



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