Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One special lady - Aunt Ruthie

Ruth Williamson, 86

Dear Friends,

My family has almost reached the end of another era this summer.

I think I've mentioned before that my mother was 2nd from the oldest in a family of 7 girls, 2 boys, and 3 infants that passed away before they had a chance at life.   

Aunt Ruthie passed away on July 7, 2014 at the age of 86 after about a 3-month battle with stomach Cancer.   She was my mother's second-from-the-youngest sister.   There is now one sister remaining, Aunt Lillian, and no brothers!  Almost the end of an era!

I always felt especially close to Aunt Ruthie (we are only 11 years apart in age).   She and her husband and two children had a farm in Cross Plains, WI - which is only about 10 miles from the City of Madison, WI, where I grew up.

After my parents passed on, Aunt Ruthie and I became extra close.  Whenever we were in Madison, we would meet somewhere for lunch and/or visit her in her home.   She was my contact and only source of news of the family, and I'm really missing her.

I'm so thankful that our daughter and son-in-law drove Mr. D and I down to Cross Plains at the end of June so we could visit with her and her daughter-in-law and son one more time.  We enjoyed the visit so much, and so did she.    

Rest in peace Aunt Ruthie.   I'm thankful you are no longer in pain, are with your beloved husband and so many of your brothers and sisters once again. 
Until we meet again........




  1. I am sorry to read of the passing of your dear aunt. I send along my hugs and sympathy. Thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve.

  2. How wonderful that you had so many years with your beloved aunt.

  3. Gave me leaky eyes really and truly. I am so glad she was in your life. The love you had for her had to have been a shining sun in her life each day. Rest in peace, dear lady. Till you all meet again by and by.

  4. Mary, I just read this. It made me sad. I don't know why I never said anything to you after you told me your Aunt passed. Just a stupid brain freeze, I guess. I am very sorry for your loss but so happy she was a part of your life for so you...Kathy


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