Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone,

It's a very spooky halloween this year.  The wind is howling down from Canada at 50 MPH and the temp is 38.  Snow flurries are expected off and on today.   brrrrr!   We feel sorry for the children tonight as they make the rounds of the neighborhood for trick or treat.   I remember the days of walking our daughter around the neighborhood - sometimes in the rain, wind, and a little snow one time.   Not fun!

This is also "exchange leaves" day in the neighborhood.   Our yard was cleaned up last Saturday, but now is full of leaves from those up the street!   it's a good thing Mr. B will come one last time for cleanup.   We so appreciate him.  

Sorry I've been missing again for a month this time.  I always have good intentions, but then my brain goes dead on what to write about and/or my back is tired of sitting at the desk.   Maybe there is hope this month.   I'll try.

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Hope all is well with each of you and you haven't blown away yet!

Until next time,



  1. Nice reading your post this evening. It's actually quite calm here in New Brunswick . We only got a few drops of rain early this morning and the sun was shining today but we're supposed to get the mixed precipitation tomorrow. It will be a good day to work inside.

    We no longer get kids coming around in our neighbourhood trick and treating like years ago. We had lots of kids all in costumes and I gave them lots of treats.

    I feel bad for the poor trick and treaters in your area this year.

    Happy Halloween.

  2. It is supposed to get cold here tomorrow as the winds and low temperatures are going to make their appearance here and let us know that winter is not far behind. This week has ben beautiful with temps in the 70's and tonight is not bad for the trick or treaters.

  3. Snow is even predicted here overnight! I'm not really expecting very much, but we'll see. Rain cancelled the neighborhood bonfire tonight.

  4. Happy Halloween. TW remembers going trick or treating a couple of times about a century ago. Now we just stay home and celebrate Pop’s birthday.

  5. Sorry the weather is also miserable in Wisconsin. I can't believe it's snowing here too. Hope you stay warm and safe. It's always great hearing from you Mary, and I look forward to updates whenever the mood strikes you!


  6. I love your Halloween image. Very cute. It was cold here last night with a little rain, thankfully I didn't have to be out in it


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