Monday, November 3, 2014

The Tale Of The Not-So-Smart Clock


Saturday night was the annual Fall, turn-your-clock-back night.  Mr. D and I made a big production of going around to the many clocks we have in the house and setting them at the proper time.   

I happen to have a smart alarm clock by my bed.  In the spring it didn't automatically change like it should have - it had to be manually set.   After getting the instruction book out and following the procedure exactly on how  to set Time Zone, I set the clock to Zone 3, which is what the book said for Wisconsin.   It should have gone off - right?   Wrong!

For some reason it didn't adjust, and had to be reset it manually--- again.   Mumbling under my breath "just  give me an old fashioned wind-up clock any day!" ha ha - I think it's time to retire this one even though it isn't more than 5 years old, if that.   Ha ha -  maybe it will accidentally drop on the concrete, brake, and we can blame Mario!  (poor kitty will tell you he gets blamed for everything).  

Does your smart clock work, or  do you still have a "dumb" clock?    Have "dumb-smart clock" - am willing to trade for "dumb clock"!

Until next time,



  1. Ha, ha! Our phone has not reset the time automatically as is said it will do. Apparently we don't have any "smart clocks.":-) xo

  2. Sometimes I think manufacturers don't know what smart means :D

  3. We had one of those. It never reset on its own like it was supposed to. We no longer have that clock.

  4. Pop bought TW one of those clocks ages ago and it never set itself so she threw it out.

  5. I have lots of manual clocks in the house and many digital clocks as well and it's my job to set them up at every time change. I never own a smart clock that sets itself except for my computer clock and my cell phone and the telephone.

    The days sure are getting shorter. I go to work around 5 since the time changed. My internal clock doesn't want to reset itself either, Hahaha.... It's dark also when I am finish with my barn chores in the evening so I have to walk home in the dark. Luckily I can still see my path as there is a street light near by.

  6. Sorry you had to spend so much time resetting your clocks. Many years ago, we forgot to change our clocks one fall, and we dropped off our son two hours early to Sunday school. Fortunately, our friend let him play video games in the library until class began. Fortunately, we never made that mistake again. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Mary!



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