Saturday, March 21, 2015

Piece Of Cake

Hello Friends,

As you all predicted, the surgery was a piece of cake.   The only aftermath visible was a hand that was black and blue.   The poor nurse had trouble finding a vein, but with the help  of two other nurses, they managed.  The fun wasn't over.  When they went to discharge me and removed the IV, a blood vessel burst and my hand turned black and blue.    Standard instructions were to go home and put ice and pressure on it and keep the hand elevated.   By the next day, it was really spreading.  So, off to the emergency room to have it looked at.    Then I was sent home with a brace and told to wear it when up and moving around as I had fragile skin.    If that is the worse thing that ever happens to me, it's a "piece of cake."    ha ha

Well, the calendar says it's Spring.  If that is the case, then why are our friends out East getting another serious snowstorm?   We have lucked out and have had temperatures in the low 40's with lots of sunshine, so I'm not complaining.

Our Northern type of Magnolia tree has buds on it, and I suspect in another 2-3 weeks, maybe it will sprout blooms.    We'll hope that March doesn't go "out like a Lion" and bless us with a few inches of snow. Stay tuned for that one. 

Happy Spring everyone.



  1. Glad to hear it was a piece of cake. A black and blue hand doesn't sound too fun though.

  2. Happy spring to you also and I hope your hand heals soon.

    We have snow on the ground but the temperatures are supposed to rise to the 50's today, so our spring surprise should disappear quickly.

  3. Happy Spring Mary. I hope that your hand bloody bruises heals real fast. I've had that happened to me when an inexperience blood technician pulled the needle out too fast. My arm turned blue.

    Hope the Magnolia tree blossom soon.

  4. Happy Spring to you as well, Mary. I hope your hand heals quickly, I understand, as I bruise very easily and the time for bruises to heal on me can be a while. I got a blood test over a month ago, and I bruised...and it took about 8 to 10 days for the bruise to disappear.

  5. Yikes! It sounds like you had a bit of unpleasantness with this "piece of cake." I certainly hope everything is improving now!


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