Saturday, October 26, 2013

You Know You Are Old When......

Typical Fall scene in our area.

Hi Friends,

I am old! There - I said it in public no less.  What is typical of older people?  'We don't LIKE CHANGE!"   I've always been that way somewhat, but now that I'm older, it's really noticeable.  

A friend and I went for lunch on Tuesday, and I happened to mention that I really needed to start shopping for a new winter coat.  The one I have, I dearly love, but it's probably a good 20 years old.  In fact, it's so old that another good friend (who happens to be a wonderful seamstress) has replaced the zipper for me at least once, and I'm trying to remember if she did it a second time!   This coat is nothing special - a dull brown (taupe color, zipper up the front, lightly quilted inside with satin lining).   It's light weight and doesn't weight me down - I can actually move freely in it.  Not a beautiful coat - but I JUST LOVE IT!

We ventured over to Burlington Coat Factory (a new store that just opened).   Their selection of coats was a disappointment, but i did half way like a black, wool car coat.  I bought it knowing I could always return it if I could not find anything else.  A $20 coupon also helped lock in the purchase.

On Wednesday we had another outing and decided to stop at Sears.   Well, enter Coat #2 - a black, smooth polyester, quilted coat with zipper up front.   Non-descript!   It fit and didn't look too bad, but I DID NOT just love it.

On Thursday I was at a local department store chatting with an ex co-worker, when my dear friend came up to me and said "I've been shopping for coats for you - you must take a look in here."  

Well, yesterday, Friday, I went back to Younkers and found a coat just like I have been wearning for almost 20 years - almost the same color, same type of fabric, etc.   I tried  it on - it fit and felt comfy.   Better yet I had a $50 coupon off if spending $100 or more.   A win-win situation and I think I will JUST LOVE IT.

I think I'm finally happy - I have a coat just like I've had for 20 years.  ha ha I did make one return yesterday, but have one more to do.  I can't believe I got this hung up over a winter coat!

At least I didn't buy a Purple one!!!    

How about you - do you have trouble buying a replacement item as insignificant as a coat?



  1. I am one of the pickiest people in the world about clothes and, YES, coats! I can TOTALLY understand where you're coming from...if it's too "heavy" it drives me batty and feels like it's squishing me. If I can't move freely in it (while wearing a bulky sweatshirt) then I won't wear it. And the cut and color? For the last two years I've ended up just layering hoodies. *sigh*
    I'm happy you found your dream coat, my friend. And yes, I LOVE the fact it's almost the same coat you already know and love! *hugs*

  2. Oh I am SO SO glad you did find a coat! You must have wanted to surprise me! I love that you found just what you wanted.

    Heck yes. I will never find the jeans with the fitted though all the way thru to the ankles, low waist and no real waist band. I spent hundreds getting al I could while I could. I think they made a mistake and put high end jeans in a so-so place...they were even a what's called "cross hatch" fabric look. They got swept up never to return. I love them as much as any piece go clothing I ever have had.

  3. Bravo! You got a new coat. I've been wearing my natural fur coat for as long as I can remember. TW can't afford a new coat. She found a frost free jacket last year at Old Nasy's clearance rack for $10. It's Glogirly pink but she bought it anyway. OMC! Is that thing bright.

  4. Shhhh. Mommy has a purple coat in her closet. The zipper has been replaced once. It too is very old, like her. But the coat she got at Burlington Coat Factory is golden colored and is three or four years old and she wears it more.

  5. I know how you feel about your coat - I feel the same way about my purse - The body is still in good condition but the shoulder strap is falling apart - did you know that there are over 60,000 purses on Amazondotcom. of which 21,688 are black - I think I've looked at every single one, and still can't find one I like - I'm thinking about taking it to the shoe repair guy in town and seeing if he can make me a new strap...

    Congrats on finding the perfect coat! T.

  6. Glad you finally found a coat that you're excited about! Coat shopping is not easy. The sizing runs differently depending on the designer, and it's hard to get rid of something you love. Hope your new one keeps you warm and cozy this winter, and for many winters to come.



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