Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hi Friends,

I apologize for the poor picture, but it was taken through the Patio Door and in a hurry so the bird wouldn't fly away.  I had been trying to get his picture for a good two weeks now.

I think Mr. Robin is confizzled (confused) - there is about 30 inches of snow on the ground (even tho the patio looks clear).   He's been coming to eat from one of the pans of bird seed I have on the patio for our feathered friends. 

A robin in Wisconsin in January is NOT NORMAL.   It's not totally rare as every winter someone sees a Robin or two or three somewhere around here.   But as old as I am, I have never had one in my backyard at this time of the year -- March yes -- January no!   I think this manbird must have ignored Mrs. Robin when she said to take off and head South two months ago!  ha ha - they'll do it every time.   (Nothing personal Mario's Dad!)

We've had SNOW every day for the past week (except for today).   Mainly just enough to have to deal with it.    We are so thankful to have Mr. J taking care of our snow removal.   This past week he was here sometimes twice a day just trying to keep on top of it.   Now Monday we plunge into the deep freeze again.

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  1. I am so glad you mentioned this. I have robins in our back yard to which also had me confizzled. What is the matter with these silly robins. It is cold as the dickens here. Take care Mary.

  2. Wow--haven't seen any robins here, just the usual winter flocks. That is crazy...

    We woke up to ice this morning, but it got into the high 40's and mostly went away.

    I am MORE than ready for winter to be over...

  3. All Robyns are confizzled. ;) Stay warm up there, Mary. It's coming for us down here too, but not nearly as harshly, I think. Sending hugs :)

  4. Welcome to climate change 2014! We’re expecting up to a foot of snow starting tomorrow night. Haven’t seen any robins but they don’t normally come up to the 4th floor anyway. I bet your snow shoveller gets a nice tip after this winter.

  5. I have seen an occasional robin around here in the winter. Not this winter though!
    I keep joining your followers and have requested emails which I haven't received. Blogger is scroogling me for some unknown reason!

  6. Maybe he wouldn't stop and ask directions... I'm glad you are feeding him - it's probably making a life or death situation for him - hopefully he's getting some suet for fat someplace too. Poor little guy. T.

  7. It is amazing that you spotted a robin in this frigid weather! Great photo! Hope you and your hubby stay nice and warm!


  8. I'm so very thankful you have someone that keeps things clean and clear for you! Winter and this deep freeze is hard enough on us without adding any slips or falls to the mix.
    My Grandma always told me robins were signs of spring and hope. So, I think Mr. Robin, even being confizzled, is a bit of good luck, just for you!


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