Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This 'N That

Dear Friends,

I couldn't resist posting this picture of Mario trying to catch the squirrel that is hanging on to the white edge of the patio screen door.   If you look close, you can make out the bottom half of the squirrel.    Talk about up close and personal!    The squirrel likes to tease Mario,  and Mario likes to tease the squirrel. 

It's FREEZING cold here - the likes of which we have not seen in about 30 years.  But I know much of the US is saying the same thing.   Cabin Fever is setting in!  Oh, we're digging out the swim suits tomorrow - the temp will go up to 30+ for Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Woohoo - a heat wave (but don't get too excited - snow and/or freezing rain is forecasted for each of the three days so we'll be trading one thing for another.   I think I'd rather have the bitter cold than freezing rain and ice.

Our schools have been closed for 3 days now and will close again tomorrow.  It is simply too cold for the school buses.   The oil in the engines tends to jell when it gets extremely cold.  Now that's cold!

UPDATE on the post I did last regarding our Twitter friend @JessieJaney.  Some of you may have already seen Mario's post   Basically Jessie, the kitty, is living on a farm with a family member, but might go to live with uncle Hugh because she's not adjusting very well to farm life. Poor baby!  At least we know she's being cared for.

One of Janey's friends has started an Emergency Contact Form for Twitter and bloggers if they wish to join.   A copy of that is located in Mario's blog.  Just click on the tab at the top of his blog to get to the link.   I know the Animal Blolgosphere also has an Emergency Contact List, but if you are on Twitter and wish to join the one in Mario's blog, please feel free to add your name.   

Oh, I do have some HOT NEWS!   We have a Robin hanging out at our house. He/She comes to eat the bird seed that is sitting on the Patio step.   Every time I try to get a picture, he/she quickly moves away.  But, I kid you not, it's an honest to goodness, real, live Robin. Very unusual for our area in January, but not totally unheard of.   He apparently figured that flying south was not going to be that much better this winter, so why waste the effort.   he he - it takes a lot of energy to flap those wings all the way to a southern state.

Stay warm friends!



  1. Cute, cute Mario! Our Shadow loved to chase the squirrels where we lived before here. It was funny to watch.

    Thank you for your visits to my blog! I love it when you comment!

    Take care, and stay safe and warm!

  2. A robin?? Don’t they signify spring? Mario has another thing to be thankful for: that he’s inside and the squirrel is outside. MOL!

  3. You dear sweetest Mario with the voice I could listen to always. You look adorable here.


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