Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,

I'm way overdue for a post, and unfortunately December probably will be the same.   The older I get, the slower I move!    If I get any slower, a snail will pass me by.  he he   In fact, I think I saw one run by me this morning.

Winter has arrived early here.   We've had about 5 inches of snow so far (most of which melted last week then was topped off by rain, turning into freezing rain, with a thin layer of snow.    This is way way too early.    I have a feeling that this is going to be another rough winter, and I know other parts of the country are experiencing bad weather too.  We'll be getting another inch tonight into tomorrow - just in time for us to drive to our daughter's house about 45 miles away.  Joy!

We have much to be thankful for this season.  We have reasonably good health compared to some, are able to live independently in our own house, have plenty of food, warm clothing, heat, and  many friends (local and online on Twitter, and in the blog world).,  Also a wonderful companion in our cat, Mario, who is  always ready for  a lap or a snuggle.   I'm feeling extra thankful because yesterday we took a few out-grown winter clothes to donate to the homeless shelter.  Nothing like visiting there to put things in perspective.   The smiles on their faces said it all - but of course there was a big Thank you with the smiles.   They were so very appreciative.  

We will be spending Thanksgiving Day at our daughter's.  Her husband loves doing the Thanksgiving Day meal, and his mother and I love it.   Kim helps him - they are both good cooks..   We are so grateful to have them.

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Safe travels if you have to travel somewhere.   I'll try to do another couple of posts before Christmas.  It's a goal!!!   I have also missed reading your blogs, so I have much news to catch up on.  

Until next time,



  1. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! I wish you a joyous time with your family! Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe!

  2. I love this vintage card. You have a very nice blog, since I am new to you blog I hope you don't mind me going through some of your older posts. :)

  3. Hi Mary, sorry, I forgot to mention...I am following you now so I will be able to catch up on your latest posts. :)


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