Saturday, November 29, 2014

Someone's Asleep At The Switch


The scene above was actually taken last year about this same time, but it looks exactly the same way this morning after getting 2 inches of snow topped off by a little sleet last night.    Our long range weather forecast is predicting more snow than normal and colder than normal temperatures.  Oh goody!!!!  A repeat of last year.   At least we don't live in Buffalo, NY - I can't even imagine how they begin to clean up from that much snow.   I should not complain about the snow we have received so far.  But last winter went on forever, and I'm not  looking forward to this one being a long one either.

How careful are you when you open US Mail?   Do you check the name on the envelope before opening?   We don't and probably should, but 98% of the time the mail is ours.   Not the case yesterday.

An envelope appeared in our box from a major auto insurance company in Jersey City, NJ.   Mr. D didn't think anything of it because we get a  lot of junk mail.   After he opened it, he realized it was delivered to the wrong address.   That has happened before as now and then we get mail belonging to a neighbor.

The funny part is that the envelope was being sent to someone in Jersey City, NJ - the same city that it was mailed from.  Somehow it ended up in Wisconsin!  WHAT!  Someone was obviously asleep at the switch.  in fact, apparently more than one person was asleep to get this far!

Monday I'll be calling the company that mailed it out so they can do the paper work for their client all over again.   Then I plan on taking it  to the post office.  I know this sounds anal, but the Post Office would never know they made this kind of mistake if they are not told about it.   Even our carrier didn't catch it - the name was totally different, street totally different, and city totally different.

Mistakes do happen, but this was a big one that no one caught it.   What do you think - am I doing the right thing by taking it to the post office?   If I give it back to the carrier, he could very easily just throw it away.  No one would ever know.  When i worked, I always appreciated it if someone called a mistake to my attention so I learned from it and was more careful the next time around.

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  1. You're doing the right thing. I'm giving the postal carrier the benefit of the doubt as they see so much mail that they no longer *see* it (if you know what I mean). Be careful out there!

  2. That is just plain weird. Mail is sorted by machines any more instead of humans and mail carriers are often given the mail to deliver in order. But wonder why no one noticed?

  3. Hubby is retired from post office, so I suppose I'd best not jump in here on this one. Well, why not? I'd take it to the post office! That's me for you!:-) xo

  4. I complain to the post office regularly about getting the neighbors' mail and the fact they do not knock when they have something that needs a signature, and they don't even leave a pink slip until the last attempt. It works for a couple of months then they're right back to it. I've come to the conclusion that (at least at our branch) they don't have any real incentive to get it right. I'd take it to the post office anyway. It might help for a while at least.

  5. I have had the same thing. You gotta wonder why they drop it off when the person's name isn't even close to yours. If you have an established route person they know you...substitutes don't. And too, our pets get cards too.

  6. What I’m figuring is it was stuck to another piece of mail and that piece of mail was yours. Maybe Meow Girls sent you a Christmas card or something? Once our neighbor—Bummy to be precise—knocked on our door. He had a piece of TW’s mail they’d delivered to his box and he opened it by mistake. He apologized. It was TW’s bank statement. Bummy might have been crazy but he wasn’t a crook. TW kept watch on her account.

  7. I'm not a fan of winter and they are always way too long for my liking.
    I occasionally get mail that belongs to someone else but that's a big mistake there. I always take it to the post office unless it's for someone I know on my street then I just hand deliver it myself

  8. Hi Mary, I love your photo, and the story about the letter is quite something. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. Canada Post is slowly phasing out home delivery and this is supposed to begin in 2015. Many people are not happy about it but they say they are losing money because many people use the internet now. Take care of yourself and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with love, peace and joy.


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