Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Brain Freeze

Hi Friends,

Along with a good portion of the US, Wisconsin is in a deep freeze this  week. The start of the school day on Monday was delayed in our city by 2 hours.   With the wind chill dropping to -45 tonight, it wouldn't surprise me if there would be a delay tomorrow morning too.   It's only January 6th!

Monday morning Mr. D and I decided I would drive him to his water exercise class at the CP Center so he wouldn't have to walk out to a cold car.   Then I would go back and pick him up after the his class.  He, in turn, would drive a friend and myself to a local restaurant for lunch where my friend and I were meeting the remainder of our Group.  Easy peasy - right!

Mr. D and I got in the car, I backed up to let the car idle a couple of minutes outside of the garage.   Asked Mr. D to get my sunglasses out of the glove compartment, which he did.   I quickly put them on.   I was about ready to back up when it suddenly dawned on me that the right lens must have a big smudge on it because it was a little blurry.   I took the glasses off and grabbed a tissue to wipe the lens with - --------WHOOPS -  there was only a lens in one half of the glass.  The other was an empty circle!!!!    The lens had fallen out somewhere and I didn't even see that.   

We laughed so hard.   I was so positive that the lens had a big smudge on it!!!   Joke was on me.

Now I need to make a trip to get my glasses fixed, but it's  too darn cold to run anymore errands than those that are necessary.

Ha ha - I've told a couple of  friends about that incident, and we've had some good laughs over it.   It has to be brain freeze - wouldn't you agree?



  1. Funny story, and it is good that you are able to laugh!:-) We stay indoors to stay warm when it is cold, too!

  2. The temperature dropped to -45 here in Montreal last night and Montreal looked like a skating rink today...yikes. Love your story, thank you so much for sharing. :)

  3. That is funny and yes, I would agree that brain freeze would have to be the reason. I haven't looked at our temperature yet today but after coming in from letting the dog out I know it's VERY cold

  4. That is so funny... a brain freeze... I was expecting that maybe you got distracted and had a little fender bender while backing up but I'm glad it was only a missing lens and nothing happened other than laughter.

    Stay warm.

  5. You killed me with this one. That was FUNNY!

  6. I think brain freeze is a valid assessment right now! Stay safe and warm!! Hug.


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